How to Propose a Girl on Facebook for Love or Friendship?

The internet technology and the explosion of social media websites has greatly affected the way we run our daily life. Not only that we now tend to choose a more efficient and more convenient shopping style, the online world has become a great media to show and express our true affection. Thanks to the various social media websites, making new friends or getting involved with somebody else has become a lot easier these days. In this session let you know the tricks how to propose a girl on Facebook.

Facebook for Love or Friendship

Having met the woman of your dream would be one of the greatest experiences in life. If you have some problems, like living too far away or just could not find a good time, to pop up the question to your girl, a social media website like Facebook may make things a lot easier for you. If you have been in the online world, I might have to remind you that marriage is something that actually happens in the real world only. Most people express their feelings and pop up the question through a face-to-face conversation.

However, since we are now living in busy world, some of us might have to face very exceptional circumstances that dismiss the chance for a face-to-face conversation. Some people are willing to go very far just to meet their most loved one and pop the important question. It simply shows the quality of their love and that they are ready to commit to building a new family together.

If you are somehow in an urgent situation where you need to pop the question as soon as possible yet you are still far away from your girlfriend, using a popular social media website like Facebook might worth of your consideration. When you have no better option available than using Facebook to propose your girlfriend, the following tips might come very useful for you.

1. Propose a Girl on Facebook with a Funny Anagram

Posting a message on her Facebook wall that simply says “I love you” might be too easy or too mainstream. In order to make things more attractive, you can use an anagram saying the same thing in the form of a complex picture. There are several cool applications you can use to create a unique and appealing anagram. This type of app helps you rearrange the lovely message and turn it out into a funny anagram on your girlfriend’s wall.

With the help of Microsoft Powerpoint or some other similar programs, you can make the anagram a whacky word-image combination. You can save the slides as an image and post it on the Facebook wall. If your girlfriend somehow does not catch the anagram challenge, you might need to guide her through a chat. Make sure that your girlfriend can solve the hidden message.

2. Propose a Girl on Facebook with an attractive Countdown Message

This tip requires a good plan. When you are certain about your proposal, you need to come up with a certain date of the proposal. About ten days prior to your marriage proposal, you can simply post an attractive picture that says “ten days from now will be the most important days in your life”. Ten days from this point, make sure that you can update your proposal status periodically. You can repeat the same message with a little modification on the beginning that represents the countdown.

You can also replace the message completely by saying simpler countdown messages like “9 more days to go” and so on. When the big day arrives, you can send her a very romantic e-card. This way of proposal obviously takes more efforts from you. One thing for sure, your girlfriend will remember this romantic moment for the rest of her life.

3. Using a Video

It might be one of the most romantic ways to propose your girl using Facebook. You can make a video record of yourself popping up the question and post the video on YouTube. Make sure that use a very romantic language and your highest creativity to impress your girlfriend and signify your intention. In order to make sure that your girl will not miss the video, you might as well tag her when you post the video in your Facebook profile.

4. Propose your Girl using a Songs

If you think that making a video and post it on your profile is quite troubling, there is no need to despair as there are still many other ways you can choose. Using a song to help you pop the question can be a great alternative for you. As a good lover, you must known your girlfriend’s most favorite love song. It is your job to find the song and download the video clip. Once you post the video, it is highly recommended that you add your most romantic message in the text form.

If you are unable to find the video file, you can shift your focus on finding her most favorite romantic track. You can simply post it on your profile complete with your special message. Make sure that you tag your girlfriend to make sure that she gets the romantic message.


It is without a doubt that social networks have become an integral part of our life. When you are unable to propose your girlfriend through a face-to-face meeting, your Facebook account may come in very handy as it can be a very effective media to pop the most important question in your romantic life.

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