Tips to prepare best Birthday Cake Recipes for Kids

Tips to prepare best Birthday Cake Recipes for Kids

For everyone Birthday is a memorable day. Birthday celebration starts with Cake. Whether it’s your office or home we love to celebrate our Birthday with family and friends. Cake ceremony is one of the major event nearly for all birthday parties. Always we purchase Birthday Cake from bakery shops. Do once prepare your Birthday Cake at home. It has a unique taste. In this session I will let you know how to prepare delicious Birthday Cake Recipes at home.


  • White Flour
  • Backing Powder
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cashew
  • Cherry
  • Eggs
  • Roasted Almond

Steps to prepare Birthday Cake Recipes

Take 500 gram white flour in a Bowl. Break 3 to 4 eggs & mix it well with white flour. Add Sugar as per the taste. To mix well add milk. Add little backing powder. Backing powder help to make your Cake more fleshy. Take 200 gram Cashew & 100 gram Roasted Almond. Grind it to small pieces. Put this in the above white flour mixer. Mix it well. Open oven & bring the Bowl. Boil a little oil in the bowl before put the Mixer. It helps to easily remove the Cake after it is done. Now put the Mixer in Bowl.

Switch on the oven & keep the filled bowl inside. Nearly after 20 to 30 minutes switch off the oven. Bring the bowl. Wait up-to it get cool. Then extract your Cake to a beautiful plate. Add some Cherry on the top of the Cake. If you love Cream you can add your flavor.