In relationship how to deal with a breakup? – Tips for Men

In relationship how to deal with a breakup? - Tips for Men

It feels amazing when a girl, whom who have liked accepts your proposal and says yes to you. There is a nice wave overwhelming feeling of happiness all across your heart. You made so much effort; avoided your work for her, fought with your friends for her, argued with your family and went over the boundaries to win a girl of your dreams. And after that much of effort, this overwhelming feeling is natural to appear. I am writing this blog for only those who value love and looking for a long lasting relationship. So those who categorize their relationships as time pass and chases a girl just to have fun and then move on, kindly find some other articles on the web on that. Ok, coming back on a topic, I would first want to tell you that most of us, after finding the love, already know that we have to give importance to the relationship, take out a time for a girl, give her surprises, listen to her and blah blah!

Which you read in almost every relationship magazine or blogging sites, written by some expert people. However, despite all this wisdom, most of the people end up in having arguments and fights with their girlfriend, thus making a relationship weaker, which, eventually results in a break up. Then after a while you realize your mistakes and try to get back to her to accept your mistakes and say sorry, but it hardly works then. The girl already has moved on by this time and threatens you not to stalk her. After that dreadful experience, sensitive category of Men goes into a depression and aggressive category of people take some weird steps. Having all said, I want to give three wonderful tips on the common mistakes we all tend to do and how to handle it. So that you don’t end up in those dreadful situations and feel pain. Moreover, I am writing these tips from my personal experience because I encountered with a terrible breakup because of my silly mistakes; However, I am fortunate enough to win her back after around two years of struggle, because I truly loved her. I don’t want you folks to go through all those pains.

MISTAKE I – Thinking that she is only yours

This is what you feel, when a girl says yes to you. This natural feeling which comes through your overwhelming happiness, when a girl accepts you. There is nothing wrong in that. But this mistake, which you generally make in this zone of the first phase, gives the wrong impression of your possessiveness and blocks her space. This does nothing but irritates her and soon she starts getting away from you.

How to deal with?

As I said, this natural feeling, which comes to everybody. But the fact is, even if she says yes to you, that doesn’t mean that she has truly fallen for you. You need to understand your girl psyche here. Girls generally are sensitive and kind hearted. She says yes to you, after impressed by seeing your determination for her. Every girl wants to have the guy, who truly love her and not just want to get her for fun. And it takes time to win that trust of her. Even so, she says yes to you, never assume that you have a control over her. She is in the state of testing you more to find that you truly love her or not. Never be possessive of her in the initial phase out of your insecurities. Girls like possessiveness, but only when truly falls for you. Be nice to her. Respect her space; never give her instructions on what to do or not to do unless she needs that. She will ultimately fall for you.

MISTAKE II – Stop doing the thinks that make her smile

This is what people commonly do after entering into the relations. Before a relationship, you send her regular greeting texts, called her regularly, even in your busy time just to show her that you care. But when she falls for you, you stop doing those extra things. It is understandable that all those things you did was just not to impress her, but you actually loved her and now you also have other responsibilities to take care of, which makes you sometimes ignoring calls and texting her. Moreover, when she complains that you don’t love her way you used to; you feel bad. Because you loving her now as well.

How to deal with?

It is all a matter of a little difference between a girl and a guy psychology. None of you are at fault. It is completely normal when you don’t message her that often now. But your girlfriend thinks differently here. She thinks that now you have got her; you are taking her for granted. Which eventually leads her to believe that all efforts, you made earlier was just to get her and now you are not bothered anymore. These little situations can lead to heated arguments because of ego clashes and lead to breakup. So, do all the things, which you used to impress her. Even if you couldn’t make her call, when you genuinely busy. You can just text her later with a sweet smiley.

MISTAKE III – Admiring her friends or any other girl on her looks

Sometimes you unintentionally admire her friend on her looks more commonly by commenting on her Facebook pic. I agree, that beautiful girl catches our eye and you are just complementing her. But by doing this, you give your girlfriend a moment of sadness. And moreover, when you are doing it too often, your girl tends to get away from you. And you regret it later

How to deal with?

Every girl wants to be treated like the most beautiful girl through her Men. So understanding this psychology of girl, treat her like your princess and even she asks to comment about any of friend’s looks. Just say that she is good, but you are better. Even, when that friend of hers is more beautiful than your girlfriend. I guarantee your girlfriend will kiss you right there for that nice remark.