Real Ghost Stories – Ghost Rani and the Police Officer

This is a true story from a rural village of Sambalpur, Odisha. Story is all about how an unsatisfied soul take her revenge to punish the criminals. In the year 1998 the eldest daughter of Mr. Sathpathy Miss Rani did married to Mr. Rakesh from an another village of Sambalpur. Nearly after 2 months of their marriage wife of Mr. Rakesh found dead with a suicide note. Mr. Sathpathy is a very simple person. Initially he thought this is a murder case but slowly he stated faith that the death of rani is an accident. Police close the file & stop the case.

About the in-charge of this case is Mr. Raghav Kulkarni. Mr. Raghav is a sub-inspector of Sambalpur police station. He is a young & responsible police officer. Sambalpur police station is nearly 3 kilometer far away from the local residency of Raghav. Raghav is a bachelor & originally he is from the district Bhadrak. The regular office time of Raghav is 10 am to 6 pm. But due to work pressure generally Raghav back from office after 8:30 to 9 pm.

Date 14th February 1999. Raghav left office early to attained a valentines day party. Due to light rain fall things get late. Evening party completed nearly at 9:50 pm. The senior members of Raghav tell him to stay the night at hotel. It is already too late. But Raghav thought it is better if he return his home. It will take maximum 20 to 30 minutes to reach. Raghav wear the rain coat & started his two wheeler towards his residency. Wop, I forget to tell you the way Raghav travels everyday toward his office & home nearly in between there is a burial ground. In 10 minutes Raghav is near to the burial ground. With driving Raghav was thinking the beautiful party time & how to get a good girl friend. Suddenly just in front of burial ground the bike of Raghav stopped slowly. Raghav try to start the vehicle more then 10 to 20 times but the bike is not getting started. Raghav plan to change the pluck. It may due to rain pluck get short. Raghav knows just 200 meters ahead there is a big oak tree. He planned to go below the oak tree & will change the pluck.

When Raghav arrive near the oak tree he found a beautiful girl sitting there and crying. He asked her what happen why you are crying & what you are doing here alone at night? What is your name? In replay that beautiful girl start telling “My name is Rani”, due to some family disputes I left the home. I plan to go Sambalpur bus stand but for this rain I am not getting any communication media. During this conversation Raghav changed his bike pluck & able to start the bike successfully. By looking rani Raghav start saying see I am a polish officer. In this dark night I can’t leave you alone on this road. Do one thing for today night can you stay with me in my residency. Tomorrow I will drop you where you want to go. Rani smile a little & say thank you.

Nearly at 10:45 pm Raghav & Rani reach at the home. Raghav found Rani looks more sexy in her wet look. He shared one of his T-shirt & jeans to Rani & tell her to change the dress. Rani changed her dress & eat some little snacks for the night. As a gentle citizen Raghav sleep in ground using a mat. Request rani to sleep in his bed. Night goes well. Nearly at 7 o clock morning both wake up. Rani prepare two hot cup of coffee. Both enjoy the taste of coffee together. Nearly at 9 o clock Rani told to leave towards her home. Raghav suggest Rani to drop her on the way of his office. At 10 o clock both lock the room & started driving towards Rani’s home. Nearly from 500 meter away from the home of rani she request to stop the bike. Before leaving each other Raghav asked Rani “Would you not like to invite me to your home?”. Rani smile a little & told you know Raghav its not the correct time to invite you let our relationship goes fine. One day you will definitely visit my home. Raghav asked again when can we meet next? Rani says the same place where we meet yesterday. With this last conversation Raghav left rani towards office. For whole the day Raghav work in full force. At evening nearly 10 minute before 7 Raghav left office. Oh great Rani is waiting for Raghav on the same location like yesterday. Raghav get very happy. Decided internally to propose Rani for their love. Both travel to Raghav residency. Rani prepare food for the night. Raghav & Rani did dinner together & started discussing about easy others past life stories. Up to night 2 o clock discussion goes on. Just before sleep Raghav propose Rani to marriage him.

Rani shame a little & sleep silence. In the morning like the previous day Raghav left rani near her home & move towards office. This drama goes for 5 to 6 days. In third day both fall in love. They enjoy two more nights together. In between rani told a story to Raghav. This is related to some murder case. During the story Rani told some key proofs that can help police to catch the criminal. Raghav hear the story but not accept this as a polish officer. In 7th day night Raghav ask Rani hey how you stay away from your home at night. Is your parents not telling you anything. Rani avoid this by saying she told her parents that she is working for night shift office. Like the same on 7th day Raghav drop Rani near her home & left towards office. When Raghav back from office sorry to day Raghav did not get Rani on the same location like the previous 7 days. Raghav worried a little & reach home. Sleep the night alone & in the morning he visit near the home of Rani on the way towards office. 3 days gone Raghav did not get Rani even to watch once. He planned to visit rani’s house. On the next day in Sunday Raghav travel towards Rani’s home. He reach at near the gate & park his bike there. Switch on the calling bell. Nearly after 2 minutes a 60 years old lady open the door. Raghav asked politely “Can I meet Rani?”. Before 3 days I am waiting for her I am a good friend of Rani. Day before yesterday she meet me. In the next moment the old lady started watching Raghav in surprise & smile like a mad woman. While laughing the old lady invite Raghav inside their room & ask him “Are you sure you meet Rani before 2 days?”.

Raghav told yes. The old lady stopped laughing & shown few pictures hanging on the wall. Asked Raghav “Please tell me who is the Rani from these photos”. Raghav look the photos & stand up immediately. Hey this is Rani. Why you putted her photo like a dead man. The old lady silence for 2 to 3 minutes & started crying. Raghav tell her to cool & request her to know the reality. The lady told “Rani is dead more then 6 months before. She did suicide at her fathers in law house”. After hearing this Raghav sit like a statue. Nearly after 30 minutes he started explaining those 7 nights to the mother of Rani. When Raghav speak that story what Rani told him. The mother of Rani stated crying heavily & told this is the story of Rani only. It means she never did suicide. The death of rani is not an accident it is planned murder.

The officer Raghav immediately got the things. Committed to punish the criminal of Rani. On Monday Raghav re-open the case. With the useful hints of the ghost rani he got sufficient proofs against the court of law. Finally it get proved Rani did not did suicide its a planned murder. The husband of rani with rani’s mother in law & father in law all get arrested. The next day Raghav visit near the SAMADHI of Rani & drop a red rose with the wishes “Hey beauty be my wife in the next birth”.