Exciting Birthday Surprise for your Wife to impress

How many times have you got confused while planning a surprise for your wife? Maybe all the time because planning a surprise for loved ones is not easy. But it is really exciting to surprise them and see their reaction. We get a few opportunities throughout the year when we can spoil our loved ones and make them feel special. You can plan an unexpected surprise for your partner on their birthday and make them feel special.

Aren’t you bored of those cliche birthday surprises and looking for something new and exciting? Then here is a list of new and exciting ideas that you can use to surprise your wife.

Plan a Reunion with her Friends

In this busy life everyone has their own set of problems, and we often forget to live life. We forget those carefree days when we used to have fun with our friends in colleges and universities in our childhood and teenage years. Meeting friends after ages reminds us of those days when life was easier and exams were the only tension that we had. You can plan a surprise reunion of your wife’s friend on her birthday. She will love to meet her friends and will get impressed with your efforts for her. You can book a casual lounge at a club or hotel where all of them can celebrate and enjoy. This is quite a unique idea for a birthday.

A long Road Trip

When was the last time when both of you went on a trip as a couple? Why not plan it on your wife’s birthday? You can plan things in advance and let it be a surprise for your wife till the day arrives. Consider booking a resort or hotel in advance to avoid hassle at the last moment. To make this trip memorable, you can plan cake cutting on the go. You can order a cake online from gifting websites. They offer quick delivery and are very convenient. You can also customise the cake according to your preferences as choosing a photo cake instead of a normal cake can add a twist to the cake cutting ceremony. You can send flowers to Delhi.

Buy as many Gifts as her Age

This is a really interesting thing to do. I know it is quite childish yet exciting. On her birthday you can buy her as many gifts as her age. If your partner is turning 30 or maybe 40, then buy 40 gifts for her and give them throughout the day one by one. She will be elated with your gesture and will remember your effort all her life. You can include flowers, skincare, makeup products, gadgets, small knick-knacks etc. You don’t have to buy everything fancy, expensive and big. Small day-to-day items can also be a great gift if given with love. You can send flowers to Bangalore if you are not present with her on her birthday.

Give her a Day Off

In this busy life, sometimes it gets very annoying to follow the same ritual every day. To break the monotony, you can give your wife a day off from everything and ask her to enjoy her day in whatever way she wants. You can book a spa, a massage or a pedicure-manicure session for her to relax. Take her shopping followed by lunch, a romantic dinner date and a long drive. These are simple things yet leave an everlasting impression on the mind. But don’t forget to get her gift, this is mandatory.

Express your Love

No materialistic thing can replace the expression of love for your wife on her birthday. If you think that gifts and surprises are the biggest thing for her, then you might be wrong because heartfelt expressions of your love for her are more precious and the best gift for her. You can go down on your knees and express whatever you feel for her and how important she is to you. If you are not comfortable telling her verbally, then write a letter to her. This may sound old-school but is more effective than the modern-day messaging.

I hope you got some new ideas through this article to woo your wife on her birthday. Try these out one by one on each birthday so that every time it’s something new to her.