7 Birthday return Gift Ideas for your Kids Second Birthday Party

Birthday is one of the greatest milestones in everyone’s life which deserves a huge celebration and adoration from loved ones. Although birthdays keep everyone awaited every year, it keeps the kids more excited. Have you wondered why? It’s because of the beautiful expressions of love that your kid receives from loved ones on his or her birthday. But, don’t you think the people who grace your kid’s birthday deserves a big thank you from you? Well, you don’t have to gift to the elder ones but your kid’s friends definitely deserve something sweet from you. Here are 7 perfect birthday return gift ideas to make your kid’s birthday an exciting affair:

A Pack of Crayons

Children love drawing and crayons are the best tools to indulge in arts and designs. Hence, crayons are a thoughtful return gift for the age group of 1-5 years old. Crayons don’t only a great gift to make children creative but it can also bring out the artist in a child. Also the price of Crayons is less. For kids as a birthday return gift “a pack of Crayons” are much in demand.

Perfect Birthday return gift Simple Puzzles

Puzzles make a great return gift for children. The ability to solve a puzzle make a child smarter and sharper. It also enhances the function of the brain. Just make sure you choose a simple puzzle when you are gifting it to the children who belong to the 1-5 year age group. Puzzles are logical game which effect our kids brain to solve problems quicker.

Assorted Chocolates

Needless to say that chocolates are children’s best friend. Chocolates are the one edible item that no child can deny to have it on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hence, a return gift that contains delicious assorted chocolates will gratify your little guests.

A Money Bank

How to save money should be taught to children right from the childhood to make them wiser and responsible and a money bank as a birthday return gift just serve this purpose. There are many fancy money banks designed with cartoon characters and superheroes available in gift shops which will be loved by children.

Birthday return Gift a pencil Box

Stationeries like pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc are what every child often lose. That’s why a pencil box can prevent all the important stationeries from getting lost. Nowadays there is a variety of fancy and unique pencil box available in the market which is loved by children.

A cute School bag

Kids just love to flaunt their school bags to their friends. Don’t they? So, choosing a cute school bag for your little guest as a birthday return gift will be a great idea. This is such a thoughtful yet fancy gift which a child can use almost daily.

A fancy Watch

If you are looking for cute birthday return gifts for girls and boys of the 1-5 age group then, a fancy watch can never go wrong. This gift can help a child get familiar with the clock system and it also makes a great accessory that he or she can wear daily.

Since your kid’s birthday party is incomplete without a little return for the little guests, ensure a cute smile on their faces when they bid you goodbye.