Facts about Smoking Cigarettes – Tips to Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking has all the bad effects. A number of diseases are also triggered by this habit. Smoking is a kind of addiction which is the combination of physical, psychological and habitual aspects. Due to the complexity, therefore, people often fail in quitting smoking. T quit smoking, it requires more than just the intention and discipline; it needs self-awareness, careful planning and preparation and continuity to go through the steps. You have to know the smoking pattern as well as what triggers it and make the strategies to overcome the craving for nicotine feeling. Many smokers have been through several attempts before finally successfully quit smoking. The key is not to give even when you are about to give up. Here read Facts about Smoking Cigarettes and know how to quit smoking.

Know the Reason

Before starting the process, you should know the very reason of why you decide to quit smoking. Write down the reason and every time you want to give up; you can look at it and think it as the motivation. In general, there are plenty reasons which make people decide to quit smoking. Some of them mention putting their health in the priority such as reduce the risk of cancer, lung disease, stroke, heart attacks, and many more. Appearance matter is also one of the reasons. The skin will less wrinkle, teeth will appear less yellow, and the nicotine will not leave a stain in the finger. From all the reasons, most of them surely want to live longer and spend more times with their loved people. They also want to be the better example for their surrounding people for succeeds in quit smoking. Among all the possible reason, write down yours and make it as the motivation for starting the process.

Choose the method

There are several different methods for quit smoking as well as different products to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You can choose one which suit you best and stick with your choice and keep trying. Here are some of the common quit smoking methods.

Cold turkey – this method is known as the quit smoking which does not use any medication or substantial products to replace the nicotine need. Trying to quit smoking using this method is not harmful. There are plenty smokers who successfully quit smoking using the cold turkey method.

Cutting down – the cutting down method decreases the amount of smoked cigarette per day for a certain period of time. This method is suitable for those who want to quit smoking but still wish to go on easy time or those who still do not really sure but want to get closer to the quit goal. The tips for this method are cut out the entire favorite cigarette rather that keeps the last one. This will make the quitting process a lot easier. You also have to make a clear quitting plan.

Counseling – the counseling method provides supports for you as well as plans the right method for you. The hardest part for quit smoking is to find the support and motivation especially if you stuck in frustration. The method provides structure for organizing the plan, motivation, support, skills to cope with cravings and withdrawal, and also gives you confidence.

Nicotine Replacement therapy – the nicotine therapy can assist the body’s symptoms for nicotine decreasing such as mood swings, cravings, anxiety and many more. There is various type of the nicotine replacement therapy products such as gum, patches, inhalators, mouth spray, and many more. However, it best to keep in mind that nicotine replacement can not stop all the symptoms since smoking also associates with emotions and habits. You also have to talk with your doctor before using the products.

Get started

If you have realized the reasons for quitting smoking and choose the methods; the next step is to decide the date. Mark you calendar as well as time which you think will be less stress so you can have more relaxes time with less pressure. Quitting smoking when you have a big project at work, moving house, or having expecting happy events in your life such as wedding or birthday can be quite challenging. So, it is better to choose the free-time and stick to the schedule and do not start early or late.

Get supports

You should let your surrounding people about the quitting plan. They have to know about your intention and that you need their support especially when you are having withdrawal by keeping you busy with positive activities. You can also tell any smokers not to smoke around to avoid cheating. If it is possible, you can also ask your smoking friends to quit together. It will be great if you can go through the process together.

Know the habits

Most of the people tempt to smoke in a plenty situation such as when having stress, depression, anxiety, or anything. If you know your smoking habit; it will be easier for you to distract the intention every time the craving comes. For example, you are likely to smoke after dinner or while drinking; then after dinner you better do something such as washing the dishes to change the habit.

Anticipate the craving

As your body realizes the nicotine supply is decreased, it starts to send the nicotine craving to the brain. The craving will only last five to ten minutes only before you forget the feeling. During that five minutes, think of distractions or positive activities that you can do.


While you struggle with the quitting process; you can reward yourself with the money you have saved for buying cigarettes. Think of something that you really want and make it as the goal.