Letter to a Friend telling your Future plans after leaving College

College life is the beautiful life ever. Generally, it happens after we left college many of us love to send letters to our friends by saying about the future plan. During these days your future planning is like a hidden treasure, many one planned many things about their career goal but rest is on time. Career is like a ladder. We need to move Slow to jump successfully.

During we communicate over a letter to a friend we follow the mechanism of Sender and Reciever. Here you are the Sender and your friend is the Reciever. The communication in-between is a one way communication. During you communicate using a letter your friend can’t respond you on the Same time. You need to write in all the ways how you can clarify all his/her queries during he/she reading your letter. So for if you are looking to write a letter to your friend you can refer the following formatting. To start with copy the below draft and just update the fields between the tag lines.

Sample Letter to Friend about your Future plans

<Your Address with pin>

Dear <Name of your Friend>,

Thank you very much for your letter of Sept. 20th. It was such a pleasure to hear from you after a long time. I wonder how you found time to write to me in the midst of your preparation for the final examination.

You ask me what I intend to do after I take my B.Sc. degree. It has all along been my ambition to study medicine and become a doctor. But I am not sure whether I’ll get a high enough rank to quality me for admission. Recently I joined an institute and preparing me well for next year of JEE medical entrance. As you know in previous year I secured the rank 3346. To get a medical sit in a popular medical college it must I need to grab good rank below 1700. As per medical colleges if I can able to grab a rank in between 700 to 1700 I may get chance to take admission for BDS. Finally, if I don’t find an opportunity to join a medical college, I would like to continue my career journey from the Library Science Course in the University. I can complete this course in a year and be sure of a job too. That would be a great relief to my father, who is to retire two yours hence.

You didn’t tell me what your plans are. How about going in for research in your field of study? Communicate with me about your Career plan. I have many relatives in research domain. I can give you better reference which will help you to boost your Career journey. Also in replay let me know about the health of uncle and aunty. How is your elder sister? Is she left USA for PHD.

Waiting for your early replay.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely,
<Your Name>

Checklist while writing Letter to a Friend

Writing a letter is not a difficult job. Make sure while writing a letter you are following basic letter writing rules. From Spelling checking to English grammar all you need to consider. Use proper noun and adverbs in your letter. Use suitable phrases and clauses while required. Stay concious about the correct use of article. Always use short sentences inside your letter. Use proper punctuation and exclamatory sentences while required. Letter writing is an art of presenting your thoughts using paper and pen.

Make paragraphs small and stay focused in subject line. Maintain proper line Gap and padding. Stay Concious about your hand writing. Make sure the letter is well readable by others. If your hand writing is not good enough use type machine or a computer to draft your letter.

While posting the letter in General P.O Box don’t keep anything costly inside. There may be a chance that the thing will lose or stolen on the way. If with your letter sending any property like gold or medicines use renowned Courier service to send the letter. While paying to the Courier Service take receipt from the agency.

If you are sending letter to a friend who is staying in abroad use international courier services. If your letter need a Air Service before delivery make sure letter is well optimized for Security checking.