Tips of Love for a Successful Relationships – Do Love Marriage

Love is the most talked about subject in social media. The main reason for the predominance of the concept of love is prevalence of the youth in this domain. In any case, the passion implied by word ‘love’, has occupied maximum space in all forms of human creative pursuits. Literature, music, dance, painting, all is largely inspired by various forms of love. Every human being wants to be loved. Every man wants the woman, he loves and vice versa. Hence everybody is desirous of knowing the sure shot formula to win the game of love. There are many ways to win the sweetheart. There could be several tips for a man to win over his dream girl. By corollary there would be many separate tips for a woman to reach her goal. The following tips of Love are meant to be common for both genders.

Trust each Other

Mutual trust plays the biggest role in deciding the fate of any love affair. Hence every partner has a crucial responsibility of winning the trust of the counterpart. Having won the trust, the next step of maintaining the trust level is not a simple job. Only sincere efforts can see the love game being won. Every partner is expected to know the other’s preferences and inclinations. Open discussions at the appropriate time can ensure positive results.


The art of love is largely the art of persistence. This is the famous quote by renowned psychologist, Albert Ellis. This dictum holds good in all situations. The implied theory suggests that one should not get bogged down by smaller incidents of disappointment in a love affair. Both the individuals in a love relationship are likely to possess some shortcomings. Any discord must be sorted out patiently. The page must be turned over to start a new chapter full of romance. Persistence has triumphed in many situations, otherwise seen as hopeless cases. Persistence should not be viewed by love counterpart as coercion.

Positive Words

Half of the love game can be won, simply by using words with positive connotations. One bad word can neutralize positive effects of hundred good words. Criticism must be avoided at any cost. Those who are new entrants to lovers club, have to bear in mind that good things have to be said regularly. Appreciative gestures and warm words will certainly have favorable effects. One can always paint a picture of rosy and romantic togetherness to impress the partner. Display of love through words must look genuinely coming from the heart. Praising each other for the virtues experienced, has tonic effect on strengthening bonds of love. Appreciative words about skills, dress, looks, virtues, inclinations can lead to generating favorable impact on the partner in love.

Share quality Time

All things in life need sufficient time to flourish. Love is no exception. Success in love requires that quality time is spent together. One has to devise ways and means to find opportunities for spending quality time. Going to gardens, beaches, picnic spots, dance floors are some of the places lovers need to visit as often as possible. A variety of emotions can be felt and shared too, in such environs. One can discover many qualities and skills of the partner in such situations. The bonding becomes strong. Going to a movie or dining together at romantic spots has the potential to win the heart of the partner.

Acceptance of Reality

Those engaged in the involvement of proceedings of love, tend to live in the world of their own. This is a perfectly acceptable scenario, as long as the liaison relates two individuals only. The final word in fruition of love is acceptance by the society at large, which includes friends and family members. The contours of reality have to dawn upon the lovers. If there are any conflicts of ideas, they have to be resolved through deft handling of situational demands. Even though the love affair is successful, it has to bear the stamp of society’s approval. Constant confrontation with the outside world can produce unwanted situations. A careful balance between personal bonding and relations to members of general society can certainly result in winnable scenarios.

Walk an Extra Mile

Love does not start or end with sharing and tending. Dedication is an important component of winning in love. Sacrifice is another vital virtue, required to be adopted by both partners. Any sacrifice for the fruition of love, will not go unrewarded. The noblest way to achieve any goal in life is through sacrifice.

The joy of winning over desired mate cannot be summed up realistically in few words. The tips, when followed, by putting heart and brain together, can make wonders happen. Undoubtedly so !