Not Getting Conceive? – Conception Tips to get Pregnant fast in a Month

As we are thinking its not so easy to Conceive a baby. Newly married couples are unknown to the technique how & when to conceive a baby. Many one visits doctor & few asked help. Sex is an education. But in our society it is not allowed to know this before marriage. Would like to suggest you learn this before into bed. In this section I am sharing some useful information’s about Conception Tips to get Pregnant fast in a month or two.

Both are equally Responsible

There are several problems those can block you from Conceive a baby. In many cases family members pointing to the female body. But there are equal chance that man can also. So its better to check with your doctor to confirm where is the problem. In 90% case doctors advice works. So stay cool, take necessary treatments.

Tips to get Pregnant fast in a Month

Keep Intercourse frequently. Prefer the time zone 11 pm to 12 am. Tell your female partner to urine before your intercourse. Just after intercourse try to avoid urine. Stay aware about menstrual cycle. Lets assume you have date on 1st January. Up to 7th January prefer to not do intercourse. If in-case you are doing use condoms. After 7th day up to another 7 days I mean up to 14th keep intercourse but target 14th night, 15th night & 16th night. These are the suitable dates to conceive easily. Position not matters that much to conceive a baby. Normal is well. Sperm can live up to 7 days inside a woman’s body. So if you had sex in the days before ovulation, the sperm will have had time to travel up the fallopian tubes to wait for the egg to be released. In-case of egg is not fertilized, it passes out from the female body during the menstrual cycle.

Stop Alcohol & Smoking

Cut out caffeine, alcohol & smoking. It causes low sperm count in males. In many cases when we found male is responsible to not conceive a baby. The first assumption goes low sperm count. To improve sperm count you have to take medicines & required diets. If you found you are having low sperm count then after 7th day don’t do intercourse. Wait up to 14th 15th & 16th days. So your sperms will get time to fertilize well. As long as ejaculation happens try to as close as possible to the cervix. It helps to reach the sperm into the place of destination. Stop Overexercising.

Who decides Boy or Girl?

About your baby boy or girl its depending upon the matching of chromosomes. There are two types of chromosomes found in female egg & male sperm. X & Y chromosomes. If male X chromosome joint with an another female X chromosome (XX) you will have a baby girl. In case of male Y chromosome joint with female X chromosome (XY) you can say you will have a baby boy. There are probabilities but keep remember alternate chromosomes generates baby boy & same chromosomes generates girl.

In case of female is responsible for not conceive a baby, visit a gynecologist. Nearly in 70% case doctor helps to conceive a baby. Very rare cases are there where failure occurs.