Looking for a Guaranteed Match, try CoNnEcTd

Talking of matchmaking and dating apps, there are many channels like OkCupid, Tinder, Happn, tantan, QuackQuack and Woo that provide such services. A matchmaker app helps people find love and long-term relationships through inbuilt networks. Such apps have a very good database of people, and also have professional connections to help you find a Guaranteed Match partner.

In earlier days people usually connected either through friends or families, but the advent of technology has made human relations simpler. The unprecedented popularity of smartphones has made the usage of mobile apps convenient. This has revolutionized the creation and development of apps that are downloaded by millions of users. Matchmaking and dating are one of the areas where apps have revolutionized the matchmaking process.

If you look around, you will find a lot of singles people who have tried such apps to connect with new people. Yet, it is still challenging for them to find an ideal match despite using various online dating apps. They haven’t found what they were looking for, despite having so many apps around.

Now, that’s because most apps have only basic features with obsolete matching algorithms that don’t cater to the current needs of people. All users need is an innovative app with preference-based matching computations and unique features. This is where CoNnEcTd has an edge over other apps.

How Matchmaking Works for Guaranteed Match?

It’s a dynamic app that also serves as matchmaking and a dating app. Once you become used to this versatile app, you don’t feel like joining Tinder, OkCupid or any similar app. Because, what you get on our app, you don’t get elsewhere.

We give you a guaranteed match, and when we do that we don’t keep only the physical appearances in mind, but also your compatibility factor. Such matches go a long way in cementing a lifelong relationship, unlike Tinder that only provides dates without any value addition. If God makes matches in heaven, CoNnEcTd India makes that possible on earth.

Talking of dating services, we help you find the perfect match. On apps like Tinder, especially the Indian users have a tough time finding desired matches as either they never find a match, or if they do, the experience is quite awful. This app creates a 3D profile of users unlike Tinder or similar apps which hugely improves your chances of getting a compatible match. Users get a guaranteed match, and they are also ensured that matches aren’t restricted to the physical appearances but are truly compatible concerning temperament, hobbies, and the mindset. Because such matches always last longer than the matches that was made just for the sake of it.

We not only find matches for dating, but also help you find a friend; you have been looking for since long, but haven’t found a one. In present time people are lonelier than ever before despite having multiple Socials Media platforms at their disposal. This app considers your unique requirements and discovers the most suitable partner for your lonely heart who in future might become not just a friend, but also a philosopher, guide, and a soul mate.

CoNnEcTD believes in personalized matchmaking experiences with the goal of finding your perfect match. Before suggesting your ideal partner, it does background checks, face to face interviews, and personality assessments. These are just the beginning of our proven process that connects you with safe, desirable, and compatible singles.

Problems faced by Matchmaking Sites

When Tinder launched their new version of the matching algorithm, they claimed it as a big change from their earlier avatar. Though Tinder didn’t offer much detail on the new algorithm, they promised to revolutionize the quantity and quality of matches that users receive.

It soon became apparent that Tinder was presumably only trumpeting about their new algorithm. The claims they made were meaningless as actually, they didn’t do anything new. In fact, the experts made scathing comments about Tinder’s so-called new “matching algorithms” which was only negligibly better at a matching people than random chance.

How do Algorithms Work?

It is not easy to describe the algorithm on which a particular app is based on because it’s a technical aspect. To understand how a good algorithm makes a difference, you first need to understand how relationships work. Leave aside your fancy notions of a soulmate or a true love: In reality, most people could happily gel with numerous potential partners, and the factors that decide whom they make pair with have as much to do with their background, temperament, ethnicity, circumstances as anything else.

The success of relationship essentially depends on 3 factors: individual characteristics, like whether you’re smart or laid back, what kinds of preconceived ideas you have about relationships; quality of interaction, or how you hit it off in-person; and other circumstances – your financial status or hobbies.

Now, this is a major obstacle for matching algorithms. It’s not easy for them to account for your future circumstances or the way you’ll behave with another person, particularly before the actual meeting; a normal algorithm may make an effort to model those things, but such data are not enough to account for the diversity to possible outcomes.

Having said that, Tinder is no Match.com or eHarmony; so for instance, if you’re swiping through your Tinder matches on a Friday night, you are most likely not on a quest to find your one-and-only.

More about CoNnEcTd Algorithm

Usually, matching algorithms have a tendency to focus only on personality traits — matching you with someone who’s more like you, or similar enough that you won’t immediately swipe them off your phone. But such matching has their problems: like the fact that most married couples have acknowledged that the similarity of partners’ personalities accounts for only half a percent of their happiness index.

This app not only takes potential partner’s personality, and other factors into account, but also adds job and education data to users’ profiles; so, you can pick people who have similar educational backgrounds like yours. That could be ideal, because — while no app can predict long-term relationships, it can definitely help you meet more people.

Though, there are many questions about compatibility that even psychologists can’t answer; because people are notoriously bad at rating these kinds of things. But despite all these uncertainties, the app ensures that all those who join this app get a beautiful experience and have a very productive matchmaking journey.