Letter to Friend about your Experience of a Natural Calamity

Natural Calamity can destroy anything. Those who suffered in such incidents they only know what is the pain. In case in your city you fetched a natural calamity later after a month may your friend from an another city can ask you to share him your experience about the recent Natural Calamity. In this case the below format can help you.

Letter to Friend about Natural Calamity

<Place Name>

Dear <Name of your Friend>,

I am sorry not to receive any letter from you for a long time. I do not make out why you are so silent. Anyway I write to you about my experience of the supercyclone in our area.

It was the 29 Oct. 1999. The posibility of a great storm was telecast and broadcast a day before. We were a little afraid. In the evening the sky looked overclouded and cold wind strated blowing. It gradually took the form of a cyclonic storm. The moon got disappeared under the sailing clouds. I could not go out to tuition. After supper we were awake all the night. The storm was so speedy that it uprooted huge trees and damaged thatched houses. It continued for 35 hours and we spent two days in worries and hunger.

I am very fine here and so do hope you the same. Please convey my best love to Swarup and Abhipsa. Something more than we meet. Rest is O.K.

Yours friendly,
<Your Nickname>