What is meant by Love & How it is different from Relationship?

Love is an invisible bonding between two Souls to execute this Universe. Love always Creates. True lovers never lose. Love is unique art but it differs in Relationship. Let’s talk about your Family where you love your papa, your mom, Sisters or Brothers. Similarly in Campus you do love you Friends & Colleagues. But while matter comes to a Girl Friend, we do discover Love. Let us discuss more about “What is meant by Love?”.

Beauty attracts eyes. Choice differs from Body to Body. Looking into those pages from History it was very true Beauty generates affection, going forward this affection converts to Love. Love is a power. You must noticed in education if you loves physics you must secured great score. If you have love for some one you can do anything for her then the similar story happens here love generates interest. Interest brings Concentration AND Concentration makes impossible to possible.

Don’t ever waste in Love. Enjoy the Love better. Use this power to make something Creative. Love is not a Commitment from Single side. Mutual understand is mandatory in Love. Until you are Single side according to me there is no Love.

What is meant by Love?

World says Love is blind. Yes. This is very True. It was noticed many Lovers did many accidents for their loved one. Love brings peace but some time it deserve wars. Do you ever pray your Soul? If during you visit to the temple of Soul if she is getting re-call then You are in real Love. Love majorly happens in between Opposite Sex. Like other things Love is a part of life. Love is not more than the Life. In our Old age many Lovers suicide due to not success. In Odd case it is wise to forget Love. Love is to Create life beautiful if it destroys then you have to obey time is not agree to make this love happen. Love is a Prayer. Don’t ever Cheat in love.

Every relationship runs over Love. Without love there is no meaning of relationship. These two acts like two sides of a single Coin. Whether it is relationship or love in both the case give respects. Avoid money related transactions. I noticed this attitude breaks relationship.

Lets talk about a Couple love, here it is not acceptable that one only will do sacrifice in love. Love is a mutual understanding both need to do for each others. The same story happen in Social Love. To make our Social relationship healthy love is the key. Love rotates the ball. Let us know we are rotating.