Good Profile Photos to Biography what more for Online Dating

Are you about to enter the world of online dating? Perhaps, after a series of unsuccessful real life dates, you have eventually realized that your potential partner might be somewhere among the myriad of dating websites users. However, prior to making a profile on some of the numerous platforms, you should consider that searching for your match online isn’t exactly the same as doing it in the standard way.

Therefore, take a look at some of the most important tips to follow once you commence your quest for a future partner.

Make Sure your Biography is Truthful

Perhaps one of the toughest things for a person to do is to analyze and pinpoint all favorable as well as unfavorable aspects of its personality, while being completely objective about it. This is the exact thing you’re supposed to do when composing your short biography upon becoming a member of an online dating website.

Be as truthful as possible about yourself, in order to create a realistic representation of your personality for the other members of the dating community. Don’t conceal your negative traits by pretending that you have none. The person sitting on the other side of the screen deserves to read a realistic biography, as it’s the only available information about you as a potential partner.

If you aren’t good at describing yourself or you can’t seem to find the right words, consider asking some of your closest friends to give you a hand. It’s better to ask for assistance than to leave an uncompleted biography. Click here for useful tips on writing the perfect online dating profile.

Make a good choice of Photo

Apart from coming up with an honest profile biography, another aspect that is considered to be equally important is selecting the right photograph. Choose a recent photo, not one of many years ago, when you were obviously younger. Make sure you don’t wear sunglasses, as otherwise you’ll be promoting the sunglasses not yourself. Avoid blurry or incredibly bright photographs, as these tend to be rather confusing.

Moreover, your profile photo should be a real visual representation of the way you usually look like. For instance, if you aren’t a person who wears tons of make-up, there’s no point in uploading a photograph of you with eyeshadow or vice versa. Should you not have a solid recent photo, you can always pay a photographer to take a couple of shots of you or ask a friend who’s good at taking pictures.

Avoid Over Communication in the initial phase

As much as you’re thrilled about finding a potential partner, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately commence sharing too much personal information or too many photos in the initial phase. Just because you think that you like this guy/girl too much, it isn’t an excuse of bombarding this person with hundreds of messages per day, as you’re likely to cause the opposite effect.

Furthermore, it’s essential to be patient, sharing as much information about you, as this person has shared about himself/herself. Plenty of people are intimidated by potential partners who express an abnormal interest into their lives. Let nature take its course, without rushing anything. Go to this link, to discover why showing too much interest is a huge turn-off.

Another reason why you shouldn’t reveal too much personal information in the beginning of your online dating adventure, is due to safety reasons. Until you really start trusting this person or you’ve met him/her in person, you shouldn’t risk telling any more information about you than the ones written in your biography. Keep to general topics of discussion, until you’re ready to open up.

Don’t bring up Ex-partners

One of the paramount rules of both online and face-to-face dating, is to avoid bringing up your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for as long as possible. Regardless of how depressed, furious or relieved you feel about ending your last relationship, your potential partner would certainly not want to hear stories about your history together.

Actually, he/she would be more likely to think that you still have feeling for that person, since you can’t stop talking about him/her. This topic will come naturally, even without you requesting it.

Keep Safe

Safety is one of the essential factors of a reliable dating website, such as the ones reviewed by the adult dating police, which take care of keeping their members safe. Also, you should be cautious whenever you go on a first date with someone, by informing a family member or friend about the meeting. Avoid visiting someone’s home during the initial dates, but choose a public place instead. It provides greater security.


Make sure you provide a truthful representation of yourself, select good initial topics of communication and keep safe at all times!