6 Absolute Must-Try Clip-In Hair Extensions Styles

Ok, so you’ve got the clip-in hair extensions…Now what? Now, the fun begins! Style until your heart and Instagram feed is content because the heat from the hair tools, the globs of product you use, and that dip dye job won’t damage your real hair. With clip-in hair extensions, trying different styles is like ripping apart your closet while trying on literally all of your clothes—it’s that easy.

The At-the-Ocean Wave

Who doesn’t love fun, carefree waves? With a flat iron and high quality clip-in hair extensions, this is easily achieved. It’s going to sound like a dance, at first: the two-strand twist—but trust us, soon enough, you’re going to look like you’ve been traipsing along the beach, hand-in-hand with your guy.

A bit of spritzing with water or a dollop of your trusty, all natural mousse, your fail-proof flat iron, and a steady wrist, that’s all you’ll need to achieve more relaxed waves in your hair than the ocean has ever seen. The product (or water) you use will help your clip-in hair extensions retain their moisture, ensuring for that long lasting, at-the-beach look your friends will surely be mooning over.

The Perfect Pony

It feels like creating the perfect pony tail is something that all women and girls should know how to do, but if you feel as if you can never get what is supposed to be a basic, staple of a style right, you’re not alone. This instance is exactly why clip-in hair extensions were practically invented, because as women, there’s way too much pressure to be and perfect.

Let your clip-ins rescue you from ponytail doom by giving you lift and volume with an irresistibly fun, high-swinging pony. Or, for workplace matters, use your clip-in hair extensions to make your tail long and luxurious, with a serious sleek backed look to really get down to business.

The Messy-on-Purpose Bun

Let’s face it, messy buns are actually really hard to achieve, and if you feel like your buns are falling flat, never fear, because clip-ins are here. That gal at the coffee shop with the stylish glasses and perfect messy bun? There’s a chance she’s rocking some clip-in hair extensions to fill it out, too! The best part is you’ll never know (and neither will anyone else when you apply them).

Gather your hair after you’ve installed your clip-in hair extensions at the nape of your neck, then use a hair tie to make a ponytail. Twirl your pony around the hair tie, securing it when you’ve got your bun made. Your last and final step just involves a little tweaking and teasing to make a perfectly imperfect messy bun!

The Sexy Bedhead

You don’t care and neither does your hair, but man, does the look work for you! Long, messy tresses of hair that can even reach your waist are totally in. With clip-ins, this look is super easy to create with really no effort on your part.

Depending on your hair, you can get away with having a messy bun or braid the day before and simply removing the hair ties to let down that long hair. There, you’ve got messy waves that when paired with bright red lips make for a powerful contrast.

The Tousled Glam Queen

Tousled layers with a rock star outfit will undoubtedly make you the head-turner of every room. This look presents tighter curls than your average beach waves, bringing the relaxed sea breezy look up a notch to full on party girl.

For an epic mastery of symmetry, go for the middle part, as this will have your tousled clip-in hair extensions act like curtains framing your face, complimented with some serious smoky eyes.

The Slick and Sleek

A professional looking style with your clip-in hair extensions doesn’t have to be boring! The slick and sleek look is a timeless classic and it seems like each era had their own celebrities owning a version of it. But now it’s your turn.

Use a flat iron to straighten your clip-in hair extensions, applying product to prevent frizz and lack of moisture. A bit of water will once again prevent them from drying out, extending their lifespan. Add some product on your scalp to give your hair extra shine. Part your hair in the middle and you’re done! For an extra embellishment, tie your hair into a low pony.