Gemini Men and Women Personality with Love Horoscope

People around the world have been using horoscope or zodiacs for numerous interests. Aside from its scientific usage, human beings also believe that relative star constellation brings certain impact to one’s life, such as personality, character, luck, health, and even love life. The early history of horoscope itself can be traced back far to 3000 B.C when the ancient society learned to read the sky. To make it easier to read the sun’s movement, they divided the star constellation into 12 parts and gave the name as how the star looked like, for example Pisces to represent fish, Leo to represent lion, and Virgo to represent the virgin. These parts are what we call as zodiacs. In total there are 12 zodiac signs that represent 12 months in a year. If you are born between 21 May and 21 June, then you belong to Gemini which is symbolized as ‘the twin’. If you want to find out more about a Gemini’s personality, luck, as well as Gemini love horoscope, check the rest of the article below.

Generally, Gemini is considered as the symbol of intelligence and creative. Due to this traits, person with this zodiac have good communication and rhetorical skill. They are willing to help anyone to the point of sacrificing themselves. They have high vision about life and are open to pluralism. Supported by decent social skill, they have high potential to be a leader. However, they have unstable emotion that makes it difficult for them to make decision in urgent issue. A Gemini typically suffers from mood-swing when they feel bad. Career and financial prediction for both Gemini men and Gemini women tends to differ based on the time they are born. For those who are born in the morning, their luck will be like a tidal, there will ups and downs continuously. When they find suitable job, their life will change drastically. For those who are born in the daylight, they will have quite good career as long as they keep trying and struggling. Then for those who are born in the night, they are blessed with good luck because they have more determination compared to the other two.

For detail information about both genders, Gemini men are known for their ability to adapt and intellectual mind that makes them a great speaker. They have an obsession over something new and unique, especially in arts and literature. As they own big curiosity, they are willing to learn autodidact or by themselves until they get a grip of the matters. The perfect partner for Gemini men is a woman with whom they can share the same passion and interest. Gemini also loves a woman who is patient, easily adapt with the surroundings, and responsive to any stupid thing he does. Yet, contrasted to Taurus who is loyal, Gemini men tend to see that mind is more important feeling, so they use their logic more than heart. They are not enthusiastic with something like commitment because they get bored easily with routine. They will make best couple with Aquarius women.

On the other hand, as most Gemini has fun personality, so are Gemini women. People around them will categorize them as cheerful and friendly person. They rarely look gloomy and are always enthusiastic no any opportunities of life. Generosity is also one of the advantages of Gemini women. They find happiness in sharing and helping others with all their effort. Almost the same as Gemini men, women with this zodiac can use words wisely that makes them great speaker. The ideal partner for Gemini women is those who have high intellectual, independent, and can be relied on. They will make best relationship with Leo men who can lead and protect them.

As for Gemini love horoscope first, Gemini and Capricorn relationship will not work because Capricorn loves organize everything while Gemini prefers freedom. However, if they can find a way out to solve the problem, their relationship will turn out fine. Second, Gemini and Aquarius will make a great couple. As stated before, they share same passion that completes each other. Aquarius has an ability to make Gemini laugh happily and comfortable around them. Smooth and sweet relationship filled with happiness is lying ahead of this couple. Third, relationship between Gemini and Pisces will require a great trust. It is caused by the fact that Pisces demands loyalty while in contrast Gemini likes freedom. Fourth, Gemini and Gemini will share the same character traits. These can be a good way to keep each other. However, if they cannot manage it well, it will ruin the bond instead. Fifth, Gemini and Aries will work if they are willing to learn from each other. Gemini who is easily distracted needs Aries who is more stable, so they can cover their partner’s disadvantage. Aries also owns high energy and passion which suits with Gemini. Sixth, Gemini and Taurus will make a quite good couple. Taurus will need to adapt themselves with Gemini’s dominating character. However, the Gemini should understand the situation as well if they do not want to lose their lovers. The most important thing to pay attention is trust. They need to meet intensely to keep the relationship.

The seventh Gemini love horoscope is Gemini and Cancer. The different point of view often becomes their obstacle to be one. As they do not have common passion, Gemini cannot keep up with Cancer’s move. Eighth, Gemini and Leo will form a great bond. Leo’s leading and protective character is needed by the insecure Gemini. Moreover, Leo’s good sense of romanticism will win Gemini’s heart easily. Ninth, Gemini and Virgo are not a good combination due to their extreme difference in seeing way of life. Tenth, relationship between Gemini and Libra will go smoothly at first. But if Libra is too frank, it will make Gemini uneasy. Eleventh, Gemini and Scorpio will make quite successful relationship if Gemini can keep their eyes on their lovers. Last, Gemini and Sagittarius can be united with the same habits and passion.