How to Deal with your First Heartbreak or terrible Breakup?

Your first heartbreak can be especially difficult, mainly because we never forget our first love. That said, you will also probably never forget the first breakup with that person. We all can agree that breakups are very difficult, and it doesn’t matter whether you initiated the breakup or not. It is an emotional period that also provides a lot of opportunities for growth. In our article, you will find some strategies you can use to take care of yourself after your terrible breakup.

Distract Yourself from the Heartbreak

You need time to heal and process all the emotions related to the heartbreak. But, that’s not always possible in the beginning. You can’t stay in your room forever, and also obsessing over the breakup for a long time isn’t healthy.

Hence, you can find ways to distract yourself by having fun, watching films, reading books, listening to your favorite songs, for example. Some people take classes where they can meet new people and learn something new. You can learn a new language or take pottery lessons, for example.

Play Games

Playing games is also a good distraction, as it is an immersive experience that can also be very therapeutic. You can choose action games, race games, first-shooter games when you want to let off some steam.

There are many games you can pay online, while some are also available for download on your smartphone or tablet. Hence, you can play whenever you want. Also, you can play games in multiplayer mode if you want to play with your friends.

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Stop Yourself from Contacting your Ex

Although it’s not always possible to cut all connections with your previous partner, it’s highly advisable to give yourself some space. Some people also have implemented the 30-day no contact rule, but as always, check-in with yourself and see what works for you.

However, it’s important, even for a while, to block his number, stop texting him and unfollow him from social media sites. You need a fresh perspective and a chance for a new beginning. You can’t do that while you dwell on the past, or you constantly check whether he/she has a new partner.

If you are friends with the same people, try not to involve them in your drama and stay away from socializing with his/her friends for a while. After some period of time, you will feel better about the situation, and hopefully, you will be able to spend time again with the same group of friends.

Ask for Help

When you’ve given yourself enough time, you can deal with the past breakup with a fresh perspective. You can try journaling to write everything that has happened between you and him/her without judgment. But, if you feel too vulnerable to do this on your own, then you ask for help. You can talk to a close friend or family member or ask for professional support from a licensed therapist.


There aren’t rules for overcoming a heartbreak as each relationship is unique. However, you can try out different strategies and see what works for you. If you want to continue playing games or casino games, you can read online casino reviews and play on different legitimate sites. But, at the end of the day, it’s important to learn a valuable lesson from the breakup and move on.