My Wedding Journey I always will Cherish

It is winter time of November and you know how cold it is. I always come with a blanket wrapped around me to my house’s balcony to count my days. Oh! Don’t worry I’m not going to die and neither do I have any cancer or disease. I am just going to marry finally after so many years of hangout in my city Delhi. After my wedding I will be shifting to U.S. I definitely will be missing the vibes of my city and going to miss every lane of it where I grew up with my friends and also its food that I can never forget until my last breath came out from my mouth.

A Strange Feeling

My wedding is near and I’m feeling a kind of strangeness in me, which I think that every girl feels when gets married. It is like wearing a new skin and shedding one. Sometimes it comes to mind whether I should do it or not but I don’t know. I can’t say. My wedding is arranged.

My going-to-be beau got introduced to me by my relative and it is none other than my Mausi. He lives near her house, a neighbor, grew up in front of her. So she knows him from childhood and says a perfect match for me. We met for a week. I just wanted to check him whether he is suitable for me or not because after wedding I’m going to shift so just want to make sure. He is good, tall and handsome guy as I always dreamt of marrying. Our family knows each other very well. It is just for us to give green flag and I said yes after meeting him so many times.

Now the only thing left is about wedding planning. We don’t want to spend much on wedding but also want to keep it glittery and glamorous, especially concentration on best food quality and décor. So we are looking for budget wedding planners that can plan us a simple, sober and awesome wedding provided every guest could like and enjoy.

Selection of a Wedding Planner

First of all I want to tell you that it is one of the cumbersome tasks. If you search and ask anyone about wedding planners, everyone comes with so many names and lists of them. So one can get easily confused. Hence when you search about them you should first background-check about them. Nowadays almost all wedding planners have a website, go and check it and also about their ratings on Google including reviews.

But I want to say don’t believe them only by seeing Yellow Asterisk signs on them. They can every easily be faked. Read every review, you can get an idea of what type of wedding planner they are. Call to their office’s number and ask genuinely about the services they offer and about past clients’ wedding they have done. If they are genuine they will definitely tell about their past clients’ weddings which they planned best because everyone wants to talk about their best portfolio.

If they have a good track record, they will have name in market. If you still don’t believe, go to their office and meet there, this way you can check them physically and inquire about services what you want to ask. Another thing that you can do is to ask your friends and relatives for reviews and guidance.

We with many background checks finally found a famous wedding planner for our wedding. He has promised us to make our final days best days of our memory. They are a bit costly but we know we will manage. Budget is important. We are only trusting them because of their services and the work they have done in the past years. Because it is a matter of money guys, can’t trust so easily. So check as much as you can unless you get satisfied.

My Wedding at Udaipur

I love the lake city Udaipur because I interned there for my hotel management studies. There are best lake hotels in Udaipur. I spent almost a year there and it felt like home. In winter, so much cold there because of many lakes it has. The city is abundant with best food varieties and great nature places for picnic. So I want my wedding to take place here in Udaipur and I tell you it is not easy as it seems as I say I want my wedding here. It is the destination wedding and it needs very meticulous planning. Any miss can give lots of troubles and I don’t want troubles in my wedding. I want it perfect and best and I am satisfied that we have chosen experienced destination wedding planner. They have arranged everything perfect there. As our guests told us when they reached there at hotel. We are yet to reach. But at the end we want our guests happy and worry free because they travel from different city covering miles of distances.

My wedding will be organized at Taj Lake Palace, a dream palace for me that I thought I wanted to spend my life there but I am not from the royal family so at least I can make my wedding there. A historic, mesmerizing and soothing palace it is. When you enter into it, it feels like that you are entering into an era or time of antiquity when Maharajas used to reign and you yourself feel like you are part of it. So coming five and six days of my wedding, I am waiting for them.

I reached at my dream palace in night with my family. Next morning when I woke up, all wedding ceremonies started to take place one by one and in coming days more. My life is changing and on the last day when I will bid farewell to my family and friends, it will change forever. As days are coming near, my heart is thumping, which I am trying to keep it calm.

On the last day of my wedding when I finally have got wedded to my soul mate, tears are coming from eyes because I’m going to miss everything and everyone in my life, to whom I am leaving behind. Pheras ceremony lasted for long hours. Food is delicious. All my favorite dishes are here. I decided to eat with my girl gang instead of with my beau because it is last time, a kind of last when I am eating with my friends. I don’t know when I will meet them again.

One thing I want to say about my hired wedding planner that they are the best wedding planners in Delhi, experienced in destination wedding planning and always ready to listen and comply politely. Me and my family can never forget how best they arranged everything including catering, guest living arrangement, sangeet night, decoration etc. They are the best.

At the end I want to say that list of wedding planners are several but authentic, experienced, famous and best are few. So if your wedding is in coming month or year and you are going through a list, I want to say if you don’t want yourself to be deceived; background-check them thoroughly from anyone and from anywhere, whether on Google or ask friends. Because you are going to give them your hard earned money, so make sure you better give to trusted ones.