What to do after Overcoming Addiction in Broomfield?

Overcoming addiction is one of the biggest things in anyone’s life. After months, if not years of struggling with your addiction, you’re finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your hard work. You should be proud.

But a lot of people feel lost once they’re free from one of the Broomfield rehab centers because at one point, addiction and recovery were all they thought about. Now that they’re sober, it can be challenging to come to terms with the idea. There’s so much to do and so many places to see through sober eyes that it can be overwhelming at first.

Keep in mind that everyone who recovers from drug addiction goes through this feeling of uncertainty and excitement. You’re not the first and you definitely won’t be the last. But this is the fun part. Now that you’ve put in all the work and effort it takes to recover from addiction, it’s time you reap your rewards and start moving forward with your life.

Here are some ideas for you to do once you’ve overcome addiction.

Make Amends

It’s not surprising that many addicts burn bridges when they’re in the midst of their addiction. It’s not uncommon for them to lose friends or family members completely either. Now that you’re sober and can think with a clearer head, you might start thinking about all the people you drove away to feed your addiction.

Now that you’ve overcome your addiction, it might be time to mend some of these broken relationships. You can do this by reaching out to those you hurt and apologizing for past actions.

Don’t be surprised if this is a difficult task. Depending on how deep the wounds go, it might be really painful for you and the person to communicate. Understand that while you’re sober and that’s great, your sobriety doesn’t erase the pain the other person feels.

Take accountability for your past actions and be patient with the person. If the person is worth having back in your life, you’ll find a way to make things work again. If not, you can still feel good knowing that you did all you can to make things right after past mistakes.


Now that you don’t have to worry about getting your next fix, you can start planning your next trip. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate like a cruise along the Caribbean or a beach resort in Cancun.

You can plan fun and exciting day trips near Boulder. Chances are that there are tons of restaurants and parks you haven’t had time to see or visit. You can even plan a small weekend getaway to a hotel a few towns over if that’s something within your budget.

The thing to remember is that the world is now your oyster. You aren’t being kept down by your addiction anymore. You’re free to go where you please and do what you want. You can find local attractions that are affordable or you can plan a much bigger trip to an exotic land far away.

The choice is yours.

Give back

A lot of recovering addicts find it beneficial to give back to their communities after becoming sober. It fills them with purpose and gives them a confidence boost to know that they’re making a difference. It’s also a great way to meet a bunch of really awesome people.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, don’t be afraid to get out. Help out at your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. You can also volunteer at your local church or community center to give back to people around you.


Battling addiction requires a lot of discipline and energy. It can take months of hard mental and physical work to fully recover from the disease. After such a long and rigorous battle, you deserve some rest.

So put on your favorite PJs and curl up with a soft blanket. Learn to love to sleep again or even just hang out around your house and do nothing. This time you take for yourself will help give you the energy you need for the other fun stuff on this list. If you’re struggling to remember how to rest, like a lot of people do follow the link https://www.betterup.com/blog/types-of-rest.

Pick up a Hobby

There were probably one or two things you used to love to do before addiction came into the picture. Maybe you loved painting but the drugs or alcohol prevented you from enjoying it. Now that you’re sober, you can relearn all the things you used to love to do.

Or not. That’s fine too. You don’t have to play the piano again just because you did before your addiction. Chances are that the person you were before your addiction and the person you are now are two very different people.

It’s okay to explore different hobbies and activities. You might discover something new about yourself along the way. Finding something you love to do will help you stay on track with your recovery plan and bring you joy. You might even find a few new friends or a tribe of people who you never would’ve met before your addiction.

Get a Pet

Now that you are capable of taking care of yourself, you might want to consider taking care of a pet. Having a cat, dog, or even a fish waiting for you at home can bring you so much joy and purpose. It can motivate you to stay home instead of going out and getting into something you shouldn’t.

It’ll also help you practice responsibility. After so much time only caring about your addiction, caring for something else can help you gain your discipline and responsibility back. Pets are a big decision and aren’t for everyone but if it’s something that you think might be a good thing for you, call your local shelter and adopt.

If you’re looking for a reason to adopt a new pet, click here.

Whatever you Want?

This is one of the big perks of being sober. You can do whatever it is that will make you happy. Once you’re in recovery and out of the addiction cycle, your happiness and health have to come first. So do what makes you the happiest in the world.