Best Practices to Get rid of Severe lower Back Pain

It was recorded nearly 85% adults experienced lower back pain during and after the mid age of their lifetime. Lower back pain occurs due to various reasons such as Heavy Workload, Sore muscles, Overstretching Ligaments, Herniated, Sciatica or Spinal Stenosis. Refer to medical science after the age of 30 our bones loses strength and muscles loses elasticity. This is the primary reason for which in between the age of 30 to 50 we experienced lower back pain. In this session let us share some of the best Severe lower back pain home remedies.

Intake Calcium rich Foods

As we discussed above after the age of 30 our bones lose strength. This is one of the primary cause we experienced back pain. In day to day living we loss Calcium through nails, sweat, hairs, feces and urine. In other side our body is incapable to produce Calcium. In-case your body is not getting the required amount of Calcium to operate, it takes Calcium from our Bones. Which makes our bones week. This is the main Cause why we required to consume foods high in Calcium. Calcium helps to make our bones and muscles strong. After age of 30 to keep our bones healthy with your regular diets include Calcium rich foods. In our bones Calcium is the major substance. Regular intake of Calcium rich foods is a best home remedy to prevent you from severe lower back pain.

Herbal Oil massage Therapy

According to orthopedic specialists Herbal Oil massage therapy is a best back pain home remedy. This therapy gives instant results. But to gain benefits from herbal massage therapy you required to follow some processes. I mean to say herbal therapy is not effects in 1 day. To develop your sore muscles you required to continue herbal oil massage therapy at-least for a certain duration of time. We noticed generally a patient do apply herbal therapy during the back pain. Once it results normally we stopped the therapy. This is bad. To recover your sore muscles in a regular basis you have to apply herbal oil massage therapy at least for 5 to 6 months. Make a practice to do herbal oil massage therapy minimum twice a day. Once after the morning walk and once before into the bed at night. I know if you are doing herbal therapy after a week or two you will get relax from the back pain but don’t stop this therapy here. Keep doing rather your muscles recover from injury.

Reduce excess Fats, Do Exercise Regularly.

It’s very true excess lower abdominal fats acts like a catalyst for back pain. Scientifically due to excess growth in front area back area get pushed inside. Which effects the normal shape of back bone. In a long run this generates severe lower back pain. You must noticed compare to slim personalities plus size personalities suffers with more problems related to back pain. The cause here we want to advice you to reduces excess belly fats. If you are thinking this not possible by you at home join a GYM or YOGA center. They will bring back to you in normal shape. ASAP you are into the normal share you will notice above then 50% back pain related problems will resolve. Stay Slim to live healthy.

Avoid Royal mattresses during Sleep

To relax from back pain recently I joined a Yoga Center. The next day itself the Guru of Yoga center advice me to not use Royal mattresses during Sleep time. While I asked why? In replay he told “Due to excess flexibility in Royal mattresses it effects the normal shape of our back bone during sleeping potions. Which indirectly catalyze back pain. If you want to get relief from back pain make practice to sleep without mattresses. Even it is much better if you are not using a pillow during your sleep”. If you are a back pain patient make a habit to sleep in wooden bed without mattresses.

Ice & Heat therapy

Ice therapy also used to get rid from back pain. But always keep remember don’t apply both heat & cool treatment at same time. Try each one independently. Observe which one is more effective for your body. If ice therapy gives better result compare to heat therapy, take ice therapy twice a week. While applying ice therapy take some small cubes of ices in a polythene. Then drag it slowly over the affected areas. Similarly for heat therapy use hot water bag. Or else take a bowl of hot water, add 2 to 3 spoons of salt. Then using a cotton apply heat on affected areas.

Severe lower back pain home remedies

Ginger is rich with anti-inflammatory compounds. It helps great in back pain relief. Prepare ginger paste and apply it on affected areas. One more popular back pain home remedy is Poppy Seeds. Grind 100 gram Poppy Seeds (KHUS KHUS) with 100 gram rock Candy (MISIRI). Keep this powder in a Jar. Daily twice a day take 2 spoons of this powder with little warm glass of milk.