5 Steps you Can Take to Build Stronger and Healthier Relationship

Whether your relationship’s going through a bit of a rough patch or you’re at the greatest stage ever, it never hurts to put some time and energy into channeling positivity into your relationship. No relationship is perfect, which means there’s always room for improvement (even when things seem like they’re going well). A few people dread that a liberal utilization of the word love can detract from its importance as it applies to relational connections.

Others accept that you should tell somebody that you love them as regularly as you feel it. “Love” can convey a ton of weight in sentimental connections and once in a while people feel tension about communicating sensations of affection to their cozy accomplices. It is anything but difficult to expect that we as a whole have a similar meaning of affection, or that our accomplices understand what we mean when we state, “I love you.” Different individuals can have various thoughts regarding what sentimental love means, and how it is or ought to be communicated. All in all, I’m not catching it’s meaning to be infatuated, and how might we ensure that we are on the same wavelength with our accomplices even after we have gotten to the stage where “I love you” feels like natural to state?

Here are 5 fun and easy steps you can take to build a stronger and healthier relationship:

Learn each other’s Love Language

Every person has a preferred way to give and receive love, whether it’s words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Learning what your love languages are (with the help of online quizzes or books) can help you and your partner communicate your love effectively – helping you two feel validated and respected. The best way to find and examine your love languages is to look closely at how you express your love to each other. In this predicament, it’s important to have a calm, in-depth discussion about the ways in which you both like to express and receive love. Try asking open-ended questions about what kinds of words or actions indicate love for your partner, and how they like to express their love for you. See if you can learn why they have a particular love language, where that might come from, and what it means, physically and emotionally, for them.

Exercise Together

Finding ways to exercise with your partner is a great way to stimulate endorphins, improve your mental and physical health, and build a Healthier Relationship. It doesn’t mean you two should run a marathon once a week, but you can go on a walk together, do couples yoga, or even organize a soccer game with friends or family.

Engage in activities that Spark Joy

Sharing hobbies is a great way to stay connected and make your relationship stronger. Listing out activities you both like and making time to do those activities – whether it’s cooking, painting, or playing a board game – will bring you closer together. Not only that, but it will show your partner that you love them and cherish your relationship.

Schedule Check-ins

Having regular check-ins with your partner can ensure you two are on the same page and are both feeling seen and heard in your relationship. Dedicating time to open communication and learning to communicate effectively in this way will help improve your Healthier Relationship.

Download Relish

Sometimes, having professional advice can help you build a stronger relationship. If you’re interested in professional advice or looking for answers to some of the problems in your relationship, you should turn to Relish. Relish is a relationship coaching app that helps you and your partner evaluate and improve your relationship through fun quizzes, personalized lesson plans, and 24/7 access to a relationship coach.