What Women Need? – 5 Cool Advices from a Love Coach

As a woman, I can say with all honesty – we have absolutely no idea. We’re going through life trying to figure that very thing out for ourselves, just like the men are! There are some things most women can agree on that we look for in a relationship, however. And when those things happen, it makes us swoon a bit and have us gushing with the girls over brunch, talking up our significant other. So if you’re trying to figure women out and want the inside scoop, check out the 5 things below that women want and how to attract them.

1. Feeling like we’re being Listened to

Now I’m not saying you have to be all ears all of the time. But there’s a fundamental difference between men and women: men love to fix things, woman like to talk about it. Sometimes we don’t need our problems fixed, just a simple “I hear you.” Or “Wow. That’s crazy. I understand.” goes a long way guys! Feeling like we have a partner that is capable of just being there for us without trying to fix everything makes us feel valued. So try those lines out, or google some more!

2. A Partner not Projects

Some women might be really looking forward to being a mom, or are already terrific ones, but that doesn’t mean we want to mother you, too, guys. Relationships are partnerships, which means it works both ways. Both people in the relationship should be contributing and also feel like they can count on their significant other.

3. Passion

Now, I’m not talking about having rose petals thrown all over the floor, although by all means, if you’d like to surprise your significant other that way from time to time, go for it! What I mean by this is: passion in life. It’s a big attraction to be with someone who is passionate about what they do and about the things going on in their life. That kind of energy is infectious, so of course we’d want to be around it!

4. Some Spontaneity!

You and your partner might be the type that loves coming home after a long day of work and zoning out together watching a movie. This is great! But every now and then, we need a little zest guys! Find out her schedule; surprise her with going out to see that movie she’s been talking about. Maybe there’s a new activity your partner has been talking about but you can tell they’re too afraid to make that next step, talk to them, and surprise them with joining that class together. Trust me, just the little extra effort goes a long way!

5. Respect her

It’s not just a song, guys! Women want to be with someone who not only shows that they respect the other person, but respect themselves, too. This comes down to things like: keeping your word, showing up on time, communicating what you need and listening to what she needs, too. For extra bonus points, be kind and respect the people around you; be pleasant to the waiter when you’re out to dinner. This also shows an inner confidence and it’s a big turn on!

So here you go, guys. The truth is, most of us don’t know what we want. We just know it when we see it. Try adding in some of these tips and see if the woman you’re with doesn’t light up and look at your with that little sparkle in her eyes. These can even be applied in relationships that have been together for a while. Remember, it’s never to late to reignite that flame. Good luck out there!