What Causes Kidney Stones and What are the Symptoms?

Before you understand the causal factors of kidney stone, you should know what kidney stone is. A kidney stone is a disease that is really dangerous and can lead to death. It could be said to be one of the most painful disease and can lead to infection and bleeding in the urinary tract. Why is called kidney stone? The reason is because the kidney stones will block the urinary tract. It also belongs to a disease that is difficult to cure because when the kidneys have severe problem, then you should look for someone who wants to donate a kidney. No one wants to donate their kidneys to others. Therefore, if you do not suffer from kidney stone, you would be better to know some information about what causes kidney stones and what are the symptoms of kidney stones.

What Causes Kidney Stones?

The kidneys must be maintained correctly so that they can function normally. Since when you get kidney problems, you will find it difficult to heal the kidneys. A kidney stone is a dangerous disease where you cannot heal it easily. Of course, the kidney stone disease must happen due to several things. Here are some of the things what cause kidney stones.

1. Consuming A lot of Caffeine

Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to the development of kidney stones because of high levels of calcium in the urine. It would also trigger kidney failure because there is a stimulant that can make the organ fatigue. The caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and soda. So, you should not drink caffeine too much if you do not want to suffer from kidney stones.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

A study showed that non-caloric sweetener can damage kidney function if it is consumed in the long term. So, it is best to choose natural sweeteners like honey so that you will never get kidney stones.

3. Eating a Lot of Meats

Animal protein can encourage the formation of kidney stones and kidney damage. The consumption of foods which is high in protein can put pressure on the kidneys because the protein gets difficult to dispose of waste. Keep in mind that the meat is also high in uric acid, a common cause of kidney stones.

4. Sardines

If you are quite vulnerable to get kidney stones, you should limit your high-purine intake (some organic compounds that can enhance the flavor). Since the sardines are high in purines, so you should limit the consumption of sardines.

5. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated beverages (soda, energy drinks, and bottled juice) will increase the risk of kidney stones and even put you at risk for kidney disease. Therefore, if you want to be always healthy, you must stop drinking carbonated beverages or canned drinks. You can drink it once, but you should not drink it every day.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products are high in calcium which is good for building strong bones. However, for those who are prone to kidney stones, he calcium may not be your good friend. In fact, the calcium may increase calcium excretion in the urine, until finally the waste will be more difficult to be disposed of and it will encourage the formation of kidney stones.

What are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones?

1. Pain in the Hips

The common symptom that you will feel when you are suffering from kidney stones is the pain in the back or hips, exactly at the bottom of your back. This pain will make you feel suffocated and it is very painful. You will think that you get an abdominal pain, but it is actually not a common stomachache. In fact, the pain is not located in the abdomen but the bottom of your hips.

2. The Pain Spreads Around

Another symptom that you will get kidney stone is when the pain spreads to other parts of your body. You can feel the pain which is very painful on your waist and it will make you weak and you will not able to work as usual.

3. Feeling Suffocated When Urinating

One of the symptoms that you would experience when you are about to get a kidney stone is the pain feeling when you are urinating. The pain can even make you cry. If it happens to you, then you should immediately go to the doctor for a checkup before it gets worse.

4. Abnormal Urine Color

A healthy person who does not suffer from kidney stone will have clear urine. However, the urine will change when you are suffering from a kidney stone. Commonly, someone who has kidney stone will have different urine color. The urine may become red or brown. The color changing happens due to the abnormal kidney functionality.

5. Feeling Sick and Vomiting

Instead of feeling painful around the hips, the kidney stone disease can also make you sick and vomit. You will feel uncomfortable and you always want to vomit. If you experience this along with some of the other symptoms above, you have to go to the doctor and check up your condition. The doctor will diagnose your complaint so that you will know what really happens to you.

6. Getting Fever and Cold

If the kidney stone is getting worse, then you will feel more painful due to the infection. This infection will cause fever and heavy cold and your body temperature will rise up significantly. If this happens to you, you are recommended to go a doctor immediately. You have to understand what really happens to you. If you also get some of the other symptoms as they are mentioned above, you may positively suffer from kidney stones.

In summary, those are some things what cause kidney stones which can really endanger your life. Some of those things can really cause kidney stones, but you can still prevent it from coming by consuming a lot of water every day. The key to the health of your kidney is the water. If you drink a lot of water, it may help you clean the kidney from the causal factors that are mentioned above. You may consume calcium but you also have to drink a lot of water so that the calcium will not accumulate in the kidney which can cause a kidney stone.