Libra Love, Careers, Personality Horoscope in Details

Those born between September 23rd and October 22nd possess a duality within that just isn’t seen in any others born the rest of the year. These special people were lucky to be born under the seventh sign of the sun’s zodiac, Libra, which is represented as a pair of scales. These scales are always in balance, or at least trying to be. The most famous of scales that’s based on the Libra zodiac is the Scales of Justice, which are possessed by Themis in Greek mythology and history. Their belief is Themis was the holder of the divine law and custom with her balanced scales. Libras are ruled by the element of air that brings harmony and balance to all facets of life, especially their own. Libras are joined by Geminis and Aquarians as air elementals. With their ruling planet of Venus, they are great lovers in all aspects of their lives. With the planet Venus and the element of air ruling them, Libras possess a fascinating duality of the very scales that represent them.

Libra Personality

Libras have the singular distinction, when it comes to their personality traits and preferences, to have their positive traits also be their negative ones depending on how you look at them. They are the true diplomats of all the zodiac signs because they must please everyone by seeing the other person’s point of view. While this isn’t necessarily a defective trait, it can cause Libras some problems within their relationships with others. They can’t have disharmony within their lives because the chaos of it is just too stressful for them. By constantly trying to keep everyone happy, they can come off as very indecisive about their own standpoint on issues and topics because they don’t want to offend anyone. Their peace-loving ways is great when their group of friends is clicking smoothly; however, when there’s discord, their ability to change their own opinions and beliefs in order to obtain that peace again is a detriment to themselves as they’ve lost sight of who they are.

Their easygoing nature makes them the most attractive as a friend or loved one because they are open to new adventures and new people, going from one social gathering to the next in order to have new experiences. Libras love to have a good time and are always preparing for their social gathering whether it’s a club or an upscale restaurant. They love the social scene and looking posh while out on the town. Since they clean up so well, they can sometimes be seen as superficial and vain as they have the same expectations for those around them. Their easygoing nature will only allow so much before resentment creeps in and causes some discord within the Libra as he/she may feel slighted by all the efforts they are putting forth that isn’t reciprocated with admiration of that effort. On the opposite end of the spectrum, their easy and sociable nature can be misconstrued as gullible and easily influenced by those around them. Since most Libras are so laid back with everyone they deal with, they leave themselves vulnerable to potential attackers that use this quality in Libras against them by ensuring harmony and balance will be disrupted if the Libra doesn’t acquiesce to these supposed friends or loved ones.

With social graces pouring out of them, they are always searching for a completion of themselves as they flit from one social setting to the next, one group to the next. Their high intelligence levels are lost to those around Libras because that’s exactly what a Libra wants. They fear the showing of their true intelligence in the off-chance they may offend someone, but their natural ability to complement themselves with so many others by understanding other’s points of view and by their adaptability to any situation. While they are so busy pleasing others, they are also look for the approval and the love they so desperately want from those around them, especially their lovers. They’re romantic nature stems from their charming personalities; however, this romanticism within them can quickly turn into over-flirtatiousness and flightiness. They love relationships and want the ones they have to be perfect, but a perfect relationship is a myth. Fights and tempers do happen from time to time especially between family, friends, and partners. However, most fights are resolved by the buckling of the Libra, who just wants harmony and balance to reign again.

As far as preferences within Libras, most stand firm on their need for the finer things in life from clothes to nice restaurants, anything that spells out class and taste. On the end of the spectrum, their desire for nice things doesn’t necessarily mean they are a slave to this desire, especially when it comes to fashion. They prefer to enjoy their lifestyle and attire because it makes them approachable from any and every one. Their gentle and sharing nature makes them great friends and lovers because they are always there to listen and help out where they can. They will stand up for those that have been slighted by injustice, particularly if it affects them, and they cannot abide brutish or violent behavior because these traits bring such mayhem to any relationship and results in distrust of that individual by the Libra. While Libras won’t likely come out and say it, they will avoid that person going against their own nature in order to protect themselves from further havoc and chaos.

Careers for Libra

Many would consider Libras as underachievers, especially in this area of their lives, due to their laid-back attitude and their distaste for hard, or dirty, work. While they can certainly find sources of money for themselves, they lack the follow through to get it. They need someone willing to partner with them as they create some of the best business ideas, guaranteed successful, while the other puts the Libra’s plans into action. As natural leaders of their social groups, Libras are born into this trait. Without the nurturing of this trait, they will fail to reach new plateaus of leadership roles within the corporate world. While this may be most unappealing to other zodiac signs, Libras have managed to find some particular niches in their professional lives that work well with their natural leanings of balance and harmony. Though the top of the corporate ladder isn’t attainable by Libras, they have found positions within this corporate world that works for most of them.

With their desire for new experiences like those from hobbies and other interests, Libras have carved out a section for themselves in the artistic world, including painting, interior decorating, acting, writing and/or composing. On the other side of spectrum, their sense of fairness and justice can lead them to the law profession where they can become attorneys, judges, or even legislators, fighting for the rights of one person or another. With this same token, they are also great at becoming diplomats, counselors, hotel concierges, and even sales representatives because they possess tactfulness, friendliness, and understanding of human nature in general. Whatever career works for which Libra depends entirely on their dual nature and their own personality makeup.

Financial for Libras

Just as you wouldn’t lump all Leos together, you can’t make a sweeping generalization for all Libras when it comes to their financial situations either. They have both types on the spectrum in terms of financial responsibility. However, with that being said, most Libras aren’t very responsible with their money due to their social behavior. Their social spending can become very costly in just a short matter of time, which leaves them vulnerable in the future without a savings account for emergencies or for future retirement. With their preferences of the finer things, their need to spend can overshadow even the best of intentions they may have with their money. Most would benefit from some training and discipline to build up a savings account and build up their respect for money.

While Libras like to spend their money on their social personalities, they are also the quickest to help out a friend in need, allowing that friend to borrow money. This makes them a true sharer of their assets, but they also won’t demand the loaned money be paid back because it could cause tension between the Libra and the friend. Libras will also borrow money from their friends and family members when they are in need, but they will repay the loan because their sense of fairness will push them to clear the debt and return that relationship to its harmonious state.

Libra Love Horoscope

Libras need to be loved and appreciated in their relationships. Because of this, they are constantly searching for that perfect relationship that provides them uncontested love from their partner, which can lead them down a very problematic road during their search. Their attractiveness lies in their personalities, on top of their appearance, from their friendliness to their flirtatious nature. While they use their personality to their advantage, they risk become easily influenced by others, who promise the love Libras so greatly desire but never follow through once they’ve gained their needs from a Libra. This allows Libras to be greatly misled by these so-called trustworthy lovers from being cheated on to being under-appreciated for all of the Libra’s efforts in creating a good relationship for the two of them. This can lead Libras into feeling even worse about themselves as the love they so greatly need is being denied them.