Recommended Yoga for Pregnancy and their Advantages

Yoga is an ancient practice to keep us Stress Free and Healthy. Looking into the benefits of Yoga medically it was proofed Yoga effects nice for Pregnancy and Pregnant Women’s. From the early month of Pregnancy to 9 months if you are doing Yoga in a regular basics it helps to reduce labor pain. Not only for physical fitness but also for mental fitness Yoga acts awesome during Pregnancy. Until the 9th month of Pregnancy you are Free to do Yoga’s. But keep remember before doing Yoga you required to know it’s merits and demerits. Few critical Yoga’s or Asana’s are not recommended during the latest stage of Pregnancy. Always try to avoid them. In this session I am sharing few Yoga for Pregnancy. These are easy & without out any fear you can do them until the previous week of delivery.


To start with Pranayama sit in Padmasan or any comfortable position you like. In case you are getting pain to sit without any support you can take the help of a wall. To get started close your eyes and keep your both the hands on over your belly (right hand over left hand). Then start breathing slowly. When breathing inside grow your belly to the max level. Then slowly breathing outside. Do this for 5 to 7 minutes. This activity during Pranayama gives energy to your body and fresh oxygen to the womb. This Yoga for Pregnancy also brings metal freshness.

To start with the 2nd phase of Pranayama keep your hand on your chest (right hand over left hand). Then during breathing inside grow your chest to the maximum level and while breathing outside do the reverse. Repeat this for 5 to 7 minutes.


During Pregnancy to keep the womb in correct position or to relax from back pain this Yoga is very effective. Also this Asana helps to reduce extra belly fat after Pregnancy. To start with Paschimottanasana Asana sit cool and keep your two legs straight. Then while breathing inside raise your two hands up and during breathing outside get bent towards your foots. Try to touch fingers in your foots. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.


For easy and normal delivery this Asana is very useful. The major advantages of this Asana is it corrects blood flow. Which results very good for womb and Pregnant Women. To start with this Asana sit cool and bent your legs from knee area. Make sure while bent from knee each of your foots need to connected each other. Now using your hands catch your foots and bring them more nearer to your body. Once you are in the correct position start breathing slowly. While breathing outside make sure your backbone is straight. Do this repeatedly for 5 to 7 minutes.


This Asana is very effective to get rid from back pain during pregnancy. Also it helps in growth of womb and hormone balancing. To start with Marjariasana Asana stand on your knees. Keep 2 feet gap between both the knees. Then get bent and keep your hands on ground. Gap between your knees and hand need to same as the width of your shoulders. In this position while breathing inside raise your head towards top and during breathing outside bent your head down and up your waist. Repeat this for 25 to 30 times and then leave your body free for 15 to 20 minutes.


Sasankasana is very effective way to improve blood flow. At the same end this Yoga helps to get rid from tiredness during pregnancy. To start with Sasankasana sit on your knee by keeping your back bone straight. While sitting on knee make sure both of your foots and fingers are jointed to each other. Keep a little gap between your knees. While breathing inside touch the floor using your 2 hands and while breathing outside come to the normal shape. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes.

It is recommended that during pregnancy, Yoga help to keep physical and mental freshness. To stay healthy Yoga is a best practice. The above Asana’s a Pregnant Women can do at any time during empty stomach. But it is advisable to do these Yoga’s specially during morning or evening hours.