15 minute Yoga Routine to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Do you want to shed a few kilos but despise heading to the gym every day? For losing weight, try the 15-minute yoga programme. Yoga is one of the most effective activities for toning, building lean muscle, losing weight, and reducing cravings. However, the types of positions you practice and how you execute them significantly impact how quickly you get the results you want. We’ll show you a simple 15-minute best yoga for weight loss practice that any beginner can take to kick start their weight loss, boost their metabolism, and obtain a lean, toned physique while also developing their regular fitness routine.

Downward Facing Dog to planks Pose

Begin on all four limbs in a table posture, tucking your toes and placing your hands behind your shoulders. Push your hips up and back into Downward Facing Dog as you exhale. Tighten your core, stretch through your heels, and elevate your arms. To free up space and stretch up your hamstrings, pedal out your feet one at a time. As you rise onto your tiptoes, lift your heels and slide forward into Plank Pose.

Three Legged Dog to Knee to Nose Pose

Raise your right leg and point through your toes from Downward Dog. Raise your leg as high as you can. For added support and alignment, engage your arms and core. Ground through your left foot and keep pushing into the heel while you do this. Next, bend your right knee and bring it towards your nose as you move your body weight forward and gently circle your spine as if in Cat Pose. Stay in the Knee to Nose pose for three breaths, squeezing your knee and reaching it towards your nose, then straighten your right leg back into Three-Legged Dog on your next exhale. It might seem tricky at first, but it can be the best yoga for weight loss.

Chaturanga Pose

After Plank Pose, ensure you’re in proper alignment with your back straight, core and legs engaged, and arms in level with your shoulders before moving on to Chaturanga Pose. Draw your elbows close to your sides, then slightly shift your body weight. Begin by bending your elbows as if you were lowering yourself into a push-up, keeping your elbows hugging your sides, and then holding when your arms reach 90 degrees.

High Lunge Pose

Instead of entering into Knee to Nose from Three-Legged Dog, bring your right leg through between your hands and ground the foot flat. Lift your rear foot into the heel, keeping your weight on your toes. With your front leg arched at a 90-degree angle, plant your feet, tighten your legs, and then use your centre to pull your chest up as you sweep your arms above your head. Stretch your fingertips and drop your shoulders away from your ears. Your chest should be lifted. As you remain in this posture, slowly sink further into your front leg and engage your rear leg.

Investing just 15 minutes of your time daily in the above-listed poses of the best yoga for weight loss, you will notice a massive difference in your weight and loss inches within a short time.