Astrological Differences between Sun-Sign and Moon Sign

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Our team of Expert Astrologers at GaneshaSpeaks have attempted to delve into the cosmos and tell you the difference between a Sun sign and a Moon Sign in this segment.

What is Sun Sign & What is Moon Sign?

The position of the planets at the moment of birth comprise a natal chart(birth chart) of the person. The SUN sign is the Sun’s position at the time of a person’s birth. The Moon sign is the Moon’s position at the time of a person’s birth.

Sun Sign is mainly preferred in Western astrological realms. It is to be noted that a person’s Sun Sign according to the Western astrology cannot always be the same as the Sun sign as per Vedic Astrology due to the difference between Vedic i.e. Sidereal and Western i.e. Tropical.

Sun Sign vs Moon Sign

The Sun takes 12 months to travel through all 12-star signs. The Moon moves quicker than the Sun and stays in a sign for 2 and a half days only. The Sun sign can be determined by knowing the date of birth. The Moon sign can only be known accurately if you know the date, year, time and place of birth.

Difference Between Sun Sign and Moon Sign

The difference between these Sun & Moon sign is about 23 degrees, 57 minutes. This ever-increasing difference between zodiac sun and moon signs is known as the Ayanamsha (moving part).

About Sun Sign

Sun sign is indicative of our basic personality, character, ego and willpower. When a person is born under a specific Sun sign, the qualities of that sign automatically defines the personality, character, appearance and mannerisms of that person.

Sun sign explains how the person works and what the person really thinks of him/herself, how egoistic the person is. Sun is the conscious self, and it guides one’s actions in all areas of life, professional career, competition and social interactions.

It also describes the ‘uniqueness’ and “creativity” in an individual. The Sun Sign indicates the way the person approaches life and the overall nature.

About Moon Sign

Moon sign is indicative of emotions, moods, instinctive behaviours and subconscious inclinations and leanings. The Moon rules the subconscious, emotions and instinctive responses. So, the Moon sign describes a person’s inner workings, the ability to respond to the external world and environment and untapped potential.

Moon sign gives an insight into one’s mental constitution. It explains why and how a person feels in a certain manner, why and how a person thinks in a particular way and how a person responds to others.

The moon controls the mind and emotions and thus the Moon sign would indicate the inner self of a person.

When a person is born under a specific Moon sign, the person will have qualities of that particular sign. Moon sign helps in interpreting the entire psychological make-up of a person.

Moon sign helps to understand the individual’s places of emotional comfort, mental balance and influential memories. It is also associated with the person’s core vulnerabilities and the part of the person’s character that only intimate people are aware of.

The Moon sign predictions can be more elaborate and precise if the placement of Moon in Nakshatras is taken into account.

The Moon Sign may or may not be the same as the Sun Sign. In case it is same, it amplifies the characteristics and traits associated with the Sign. For example, if both Sun and Moon Signs are Virgo, then the person is a ‘double Virgo’, and the associated characteristics would be strongly identifiable.