Pisces Womans Personality and their Career Horoscope

Born between February 19th to March 20th, the Pisces women have such unique characteristics and getting to know them is a must and you will see why. So, what are so unique from them? These women tend to be sensitive in a good way and don’t tend to over exaggerated things. They are trustworthy, at the same time, having them around you and being their friends can bring so much positive energy even though they can be shy at first. Yet, they tend to have mood swings, but don’t go wrong, there are a lot of good qualities in them.

Talking about mood swings, they are quick to get over with their moodiness. Don’t worry, if you happen to have a female friend or a special friend that are Pisces, their moodiness is like being on their period, except it can occur even not during their period. They can sometimes be happy now but upset later on during the day, it’s simply since they need to have some times alone. Who doesn’t, right? But, when their mood swings are cured, they are the nicest and sweetest people you want to hang out with. Which means, they are a good listener and probably the best.

Moreover, they are all about intuition and are able to know almost anything based on their gut feelings. Intuitively, they know when it is right to act or not to act especially when it comes to people. They are that kind of person when they say something, it usually does come true. Their intuitions are right most of the times and you should probably hear their advice’s, unless you want to hear them say “I just told you so”. Yet, they are very understanding, caring, motivating, and accepting of who you are. Keep them in your lists of friends and they will keep you in theirs.

As reliable as they are, they are also religious, passionate, sociable and prefer real relationships rather than short-term ones. In any situations, they are also adaptable and will easily get along with others. If you are nice to them, they can be nicer, but on the other hand, they still see the good in you, or in other words sympathetic. As sensitive and sympathetic they might be, they will never try to hurt your feelings on purpose. If they’re hurt, their mood swings will rise but they will feel sorry and will soon make peace. Don’t be offended as they are a good peace-maker.

Another Pisces women personality traits are creative and there is no doubt they are very artistic and especially talented in music, dance and other art forms, as well as in literature. They are an imaginative person and will turn their creativity into a reality especially putting it into their own works. Moreover, their sense of imagination tends to expand and often time they are called the “dreamer”, in a good way of course. They tend to make connections of real life events into their imagination. It is also their way of dealing with their emotional thoughts for their own healing.

As for jobs and professional professions, careers for Pisces are diverse. From their unique personalities described above lead them to jobs such as a spiritual leader, healer, head of an organization/company, psychiatrist, therapist, nurse, musician/composer, dancer/choreographer, and many more. Pisces are made for careers that are involved with not only in the forms of creative arts, but also dealing with a group of people. They are mostly shy, but when it comes to be a good listener and motivator, they will be in spirit and passionate. That’s why most born Pisces are great spiritual leaders, healers and becoming the head of a company.

Working with their intuitive and caring personality, careers that are open for Pisces are more complex and will require a specialization especially in the medical fields and practitioners. Their innate ability to care for others and sympathy, will end them jobs as nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, as well as practitioners. In the meantime, sensitivity to one’s problems make them great at giving professional advice’s just what psychologists and psychiatrists would be doing. Also, their ability to be reliable and a good listener make them also compatible for doing social works for the community that requires less specialization, such as doing charities.

In addition, this typical zodiac sign is known to guide people or to be in a group of people, where often times they find themselves working in the business and marketing field. Hence, they are good at making themselves comfortable and adaptable in any situations, and interacting with clients and customers will also make them successful. Depending on their preference, some Pisces prefer to work alone and be their own boss since authority is a major concern for them. So, working for themselves will help them channel their creativity and imagination which are their most unique and important personality traits.

This leads to another career path for the Pisces, which is going into the art forms. Careers as a musician, singer, songwriter, dancer, painter, photographer and many more are suitable for the types of people with strong values of creativity. As mentioned earlier, the Pisces got their ideas and creativity from their imagination and bring it to life straight on their works. Moreover, when they’re upset, their creativity also escalates. Thus, having some alone time often helps them create great things as well. In some situations, when group activities are needed, the Pisces are also able to create works in harmony with others.

Therefore, from all the things mentioned above regarding Pisces woman’s personality and career horoscope are truly unique, diverse and accurate. Look closely at your own Pisces friends or relatives. Basically, this zodiac sign shows a person with sympathy and sensitivity to the feelings of others. They love caring for people, giving advice’s and hearing their problem matters. They also love affection from others to help them cope with their mood swings. But other than that, they are extremely talented and artistically creative. Hence, they are also a dreamer, in a good way, where they are able to perceive broader things and making them connect to real life.