Where Can one find the best Yoga Classes In Bangalore?

Yoga traces its origins back to over a 1000 years old into the Indus-Saraswati civilization era. Yoga is a way of mindful living and harmonizes individuals through the union of the mind and body with a hint of mysticism and spiritual elevation. With stressful lives and tight schedules, finding the time to practice yoga every day is in itself a challenge.

The question remains – how do you find the best Yoga Classes in Bangalore? The answer – it depends. Here’s what you have to know.

Free Public Yoga Classes

If you’ve got enough time in the world and can spend your mornings cheerfully zipping from place to place, then centers like Yoga Mandir and Sri Patanjali Yoga Shikshana Samiti’s free Yoga Classes will help. The problem is, these centers have their own timings and do not provide one-on-one attention. You work in groups and alongside your peers. Period.

The other alternative is to attend Yoga classes with a little budget involved. Attending professional Yoga classes gives you just the attention you need along with personalized exercises and nutrition advice. MindFit is a great Yoga center in Bangalore and here’s what you have to know about what makes the Cult Way truly Yogic:

Different Centers

From Bellandur, Koramangala, and others, Curefit Bangalore has centers spread throughout Bangalore which you can quickly drop into for a quick yoga session at your own timing and schedule. From Dr. Shyams gleeful introduction to the wonders and practices of meditation and expert instructors guiding you throughout your yogic journey, you will receive state of the art mentorship that will turn your life 360 degrees towards positivity and weight loss.

The APM Principle

Our classes blend Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation with Yoga concepts. From Hatha Yoga to Core Hatha Yoga, and mindfulness sessions, you will perform exercises with an awareness of your breath. If you’ve been breathing wrong, we show you how to breathe right, and that in itself makes a positive difference – both physically and mentally.

Customized Time Slots

When you book any of our Yoga Unlimited Classes packages, you are entitled to Yoga classes at any time slots. Simply book a class, attend the center, and work through sessions at your own convenient pace and time.

Online Sessions

Can’t attend a class? No problem. We’ve got foundation sessions and meditation programs all online too. Simple book a class and follow along every day. You’ll unlock new levels as you make progress and whenever you feel like switching things up with in-person sessions, just drop in at any of the Cult Bangalore centers. There are no ID-proof hassles too since your membership entitles you to classes at any center! Which means if you’re in the mood for Bellandur today, or Whitefield tomorrow, we’ve got your Yogic cravings covered.


You may be asking, why Yoga and how it began? Click here to know the answer. From improving your life, productivity, and way of living, yoga changes individuals profoundly and even shapes your personality with doses of positivity. From blissful sleep to goodbye insomnia, yoga will help you focus better, shift perspectives and overall, provide total well-being. Who doesn’t want to live healthy and happy, and if you certainly do, then welcome to the world of Yoga at Cult Fit Bangalore!