Recommended Exercises & Yoga for Kids to keep them Healthy

The age between 5 to 15 is the time where brain develops better. During this period how you will train your Kid, going forward those knowledge’s will effect with his/her personality. Yoga is an ancient practice to remove us from Stress. It has many advantages. Yoga brings peace of mind. When peace of mind is the key to success. While Yoga help us to keep better mental health in the other end Exercises keeps us physically fit. There are various kind of Exercises. Here let us discuss few recommended Yoga for Kids.

Get Started with Dhyan

It is good for your Kids to do Yoga. But in the matter of a Yoga for Kids has some boundaries. Always avoid complex Yoga for kids. Do simple and effective Yoga’s. Meditation is a part of Yoga. For your Kids Get Started with DHYAN. Daily twice a day, Once in early morning and Once in evening tell your Kids to sit (30 minutes each) with Closed eyes by focusing the center of forehead. During this time suggest your kids to not think any other things. Try to keep his brain free. I mean Null. To connect ADYATMIKTA first it is required to keep your brain free.

Do Suryanamaskar

In early morning near to Sunrise tell your Kids to do Suryanamaskar. Suryanamaskar is having 12 stages. While doing Complete all. Do not break in between. Suryanamskar keeps us free from many Critical illnesses. Make it a habit to do this in every morning.

Do Padmasana

The 30 minutes your Kids will share for Yoga at that time tell him/her to sit in Padmasana. During Padmasana make practice to press tip of the 2nd finger with thumb. This practice makes your kid to achieve good and fastest memory. To make you clear let me speak “Yoga and Exercises not results in a day or week. Regular practice gives better result. If you are doing Yoga for one day and then left it. It will not affect much.”. Do Yoga and Exercises regularly in correct time frame.

Grab Water in Nasal Whole

This is an ancient practice. You must noticed few peoples suffers when they travel to a new location. This is majorly happens for change in water. Using this trick that will not happen to you. Every day during you bath 2 times grab water in your nasal whole. Before taking the water check well the water is pure and clean.

Take bath before Sunrise

There are many benefits to take bath before Sunrise. One of the major benefit is it Controls Excess Sexuality. If you are taking bath before Sunrise it reduces the level of unwanted sexual desires. After 12 in noon if you take bath it works just opposite.

Do Shirshasana

Scientifically it was proofed Shirshasana helps to improve blood flow in our brain. Initially do Shirshasana for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If you are incapable to make balance you can take the help of a wall. But make it a habit for your kids to do this after 30 minutes Yoga at evening. Shirshasana is a best approach to make you kids memory faster.