Chances of Getting Pregnant! – Read our Recommended Tips

Pregnancy is the most powerful creation, to have life growing inside you, there is no bigger gift. If you are thinking about the Chances of getting Pregnant, then there are some basics which need to be followed, like changes in lifestyle, changes in eating habits and sleeping pattern, starting some medications and also it’s better to get some medical tests done. In short, one should lead a healthy life to give birth to a baby, which will help in conceiving faster and giving birth to a healthy infant.

Medical Check-Up

As per the professors of Department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, say that before trying to get pregnant the female should get a pre-conception check-up done. In this check up doctor will verify the diseases or issues with the mother, any family history, any previous pregnancies, and patient’s gynecological history which will help the doctor and patient to plan get pregnant. Furthermore, some mandatory vaccines like Rubella and Chickenpox should be completed before three months of conception, as they are live vaccines and cannot be taken during pregnancy. Females with constant health conditions like diabetes, thyroid, and blood pressure should have proper medications and diet. Special care should be taken for females who are under medication for anxiety or depression. Folic Acid supplement is mandatory for women planning pregnancy as it lessens the risk of neural tube defects in the baby like spina bifida. Folic acid is also helpful for fathers as it helps improve the sperm quality and production.

Dental Disorders

Dental problems are related to pregnancy so it is advisable to visit a dentist before getting pregnant. Any dental treatment or surgical procedures should be carried out before pregnancy, as consumption of painkillers, anesthesia dose; X-rays are a strict no-no before conception. Good dental health is important in pregnancy.

Balanced Diet

Two months before conception a female should plan out a balanced and nutritious diet and follow it religiously. The diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eggs, milk etc. and must be rich in vitamins, proteins, iron and calcium. Intake of fruit juices, milk, fresh vegetable soups, herbal teas, fully cooked eggs and soft cheese is preferred. Intake of coffee or caffeine products should be reduced as it increases non-fertility.

Healthy Habits

A female getting ready to get pregnant should stop smoking months before, as females who smoke are less fertile and can face problems conceiving. Also the female is at more risk of miscarriage, pre-mature delivery, stillbirth and low weight of the fetus. The increased risk of SIDS – Sudden infant death syndrome is more for women who smoke. Moreover, if the partner is smoking, then he should stop smoking for a few days as passive smoking is also injurious for conception.

Alcoholic Parties – a complete No-No

Alcohol consumption is not recommended if a female is trying to conceive, hence alcohol should be avoided. Mothers who drink alcoholic beverages face risk of miscarriage, low birth weight or even face issues while trying to conceive. Even male partners who consume alcohol bring their sperm count down or increase the risk of abnormal sperm creation.

Weight & Fitness

Perfect weight of a woman plays important role in conception. Women who are obese find it challenging to conceive and even have issues like blood pressure, diabetes, huge babies and C-section. With fitness program and correct exercise, overweight mothers should reduce weight before trying for a baby. It is not even advisable to be underweight, as very thin females face fertility problems. Such females tend to become anemic and weak and usually give birth to pre-mature baby.

Athletic females or women involved in rigorous exercise regime should consult a doctor as such a meticulous work out can affect fertility. But a pregnant woman should be active enough as it reduces back aches and pains. Exercises like walking, yoga, etc. can help expecting mother stay active.


Healthy choices boost the chance of conception. It is a long road from conception to delivery, which should be achieved with utmost care. A woman needs to handle a lot of physical and mental changes; she needs time to get accustomed to mood swings. A working woman should settle down to her pregnancy routine and then start with her usual working schedule. As per gynecologists a pregnant woman can work until 9 months if she is physically fit and if she wants to. But the workplace of a pregnant woman should be safe and she should not be exposed to dangerous and harmful chemicals. She should be at ease and should have a place where she can rest if required. An expecting mother should not be standing for a long time at the workplace and should not have stressful working conditions and timings. If the pregnant woman is not safe at work, she should discuss the same with the employer.