At Home how to Cure Muscle Stiffness using Herbal Therapies

Before into bed at night Sore Muscles pain is a very common problem to our busy generation. With heavy work load when body engaging in rigorous physical activity, the elastic fibers in our Muscles losses their elasticity. It causes Sore Muscles pain. Muscles pain generally happens in leg, shoulder & waist areas. In a normal living we move to our office walk few during the working hours & back to our home. In this scenario muscles pain are rare seen. You must noticed in-case of some excessive physical load muscles pain occurs. Let us discuss a situation. In your office you joined the cricket team. On Friday you played cricket for 2 hours. While paying cricket your muscles expand & collapsed more then the normal to grab the load. In the cause in Saturday night you can have muscles pain. Other causes of muscles pain are Excess exercise, Regular habit of consuming Alcohol & old age. In this session let me share you some effective Home Remedies for Sore Muscles pain.

Muscles pain in Leg

In bed time many of us getting muscles pain in leg. To relief you from Sore Muscles pain in leg take a bucket of warm water. Add a spoon of salt. Put you legs inside the warm water for 20 to 30 minutes. Keep notice your Muscles areas need to be inside water. This treatment not only relief you from muscles pain but also helps to repair you muscles elastic fiber. For shoulder or waist area you can use this same treatment using hot water bag.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Regular habit of alcohol consumption causes muscles pain. Try to avoid this habit. Be a occasional drinker.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a best practice to relief you from Muscles pain. It’s a good practice to do yoga in early morning. It helps to stay you healthy. At night if you are getting muscles pain in your legs sit in knee-down position. Let your muscles press hard. Start breathing using your mouth in place of nose. It supply more oxygen to the body. Which improves blood circulation in your pressed muscles. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes. It will relief you from Sore Muscles pain.

Herbal Massage

Soreness & Stiffness of muscles can be relaxed using herbal massage. Take some good herbal oil or prescribed gel. Start massage it on your painful muscles. Massage helps to improve blood circulation. Do massage at least for 30 minutes. After completion of massage cover the massage area with a cotton. Give sufficient rest to your muscles. Massage therapy is relaxing, meditative and healing.

Steam Bath after GYM

Lose muscles creates body pain. For an example if you are new to GYM in initial days you will get body pain. To relax you from body pain always prefer to take steam bath after GYM.

Diet Control

Diet can control 50% of diseases in our body. To re-build your muscles you need to drink sufficient water. Your muscles need water to function at their peak. Aim to take protein everyday.

Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants

Try to Avoid muscles soreness before it happen. Consult with your family doctor. Take required vitamins & anti-oxidants before more strenuous version of the physical exercise.