Pregnancy Care tips for a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an unique experience to every woman. No matter whether this is your first time or you have been through it before. Caring in pregnancy brings better generation. During your 40 weeks journey you have to stay conscious about you & your baby. Consume quality diets. Do some physical exercises. Like this there are many things you need to know before travel this journey. In this session let us share few Pregnancy Care tips for your Healthy Pregnancy. Healthy pregnancy is a Happy Pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Tips

1. Check out a book or a websites on pregnancy. Information’s about pregnancy helps to protect you & your baby from accidental damages.

2. During your pregnancy do regular doctor check-up. This methodology helps to know the growth & position of your baby. Which helps to protect you from risk. Don’t change your doctor again & again. Try to take treatments from one doctor until your delivery. Happy Pregnancy is Healthy Pregnancy.

3. By default do ultra-sound in each 3 months. Depending upon your doctor if required do ultra-sound when required.

4. How busy you are this is not matters. During your pregnancy you need sufficient rest. Take rest when you can. Sleep well during your pregnancy. Good amount of rest helps in the growth of your baby brain.

5. Without physical exercise normal delivery is some what a difficult job. Do exercise regularly. Join a prenatal yoga or exercise Coach. Replace your normal tea with green tea.

6. Listen good musics at the time of Sleeping. At evening make a habit to do prayer. This habit of pregnant women brings better Generation.

7. For more whitish baby better to eat Saffron regularly up to birth of baby. Monthly take 2 packets. Take a glass of milk put 1 spoon saffron & drink before in to bed.

8. Eat a new vegetable you’ve never tried. Give priority to green vegetables like palak, green salad. If you don’t eat a good amount of leafy greens like spinach or asparagus, you may not be getting enough iron.

9. Drink 6 to 8 glass water daily.

10. Keep a good understanding with your partner & his family members. During pregnancy try avoid quarrels or negative environments.

11. It was noticed during pregnancy a pregnant women love to read stories. Keep reading during your pregnancy days.

12. Always to avoid stress during pregnancy. Stress disturbs you and your baby mental health.

13. If you are a Game lover play Logical games when you have free time.

14. From the 2nd month to 4th month eat Folicacid (Folic acid can help prevent certain birth defects that affect your baby’s brain, heart, and spinal cord) from 4th month onwards start eating IRON & CALCIUM tablets. It helps in baby brain & physical developments.

15. Take 2 tetanus in 7th & 8th month (1 in each month).

16. Pain is a natural part of labor and every woman is unique in the level of pain she can tolerate. Women also have varying success with the kind of activities or interventions that can help decrease their labor pain and increase their comfort.

17. If you are an sugaring baby. Keep consult with you doctor. Do regular check-up. Take medicines effort-fully.

18. Like the story of ABHIMANYU from great novel Mahabharata, if pregnant wife hears good stories at the time she sleep. It affects the brain sector of inside baby.

19. Avoid chemicals that could possibly harm your baby. You can find these at work, in your home, and just about anywhere, be environmentally sensitive.

20. To know more about Pregnancy and Pregnancy Care Tips discuss with your parents about their experiences.

21. Remember to eat 300 to 500 Calories daily.

22. Stay away from Smokers, Smoking & Alcohol. These bad habits affect the baby directly.

23. Drink coconut water twice in a week to keep your stomach cool.

24. To prevent stretch marks use Stretch mark removal cream from 4th month on-wards still the date of delivery.

25. Drink milk before bed at night. It help to get Protein & Calcium.

26. Take save in your vaginal area. Keep clean to prevent infections.

27. Stop hard sex with your partner. From 7th month on-wards try to do sex once in 15 days.

28. Talk to local doulas and start interviewing. Doulas can help you have a shorter, safer and more satisfying birth.

29. Do meditation at the morning & evening regularly.

30. After lunch or dinner walk a Few.