Importance of Meditation Cushion while Performing Yoga Exercises

A question might arise in the mind of the amateurs that why one cannot do yoga exercises directly on the floor instead of using a meditation cushion. The answer to this obvious question is that performing yoga exercises directly on the floor for a long time would cause pain in different body parts like ankles, knee joints, hips, and waist. Over time this pain would eventually lead to serious health issues. Using mats and bed sheets available at home are not the appropriate alternatives as they are not specially customized for meditation and other Yoga Exercises. Meditation cushions or yoga mats are exclusively made for yoga practices. Also, the practitioner needs to be comfortable enough to touch the inner soul and find peace which is the main aim of practicing yoga.

4 various Types of Stuffing in Meditation Cushions

Buckwheat Hulls – These meditation cushions have organic shells that have a softer and flexible base structure. It is compared with bean bags.

Kapok Fiber – It provides stability and durability; Kapok material has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It can be a good substitute for silk material. Only a slight compression is visible in it after a long time of use.

Wool – It is lightweight and is a good alternative to kapok fiber as they are softer than kapok pillows.

Other Materials – Cotton, polyester can be used to make a meditation cushion.

4 Benefits of using a Meditation Cushion while Practicing Yoga

Maintaining the Posture – It is very important to maintain the correct posture to get the full benefit of a particular yoga pose or ‘asana’. The meditation cushion helps to do so. While sitting on the floor and practicing yoga, one often gets stressed, leading to an incorrect posture. A meditation cushion eases the process and helps to relax and in making the postures more accurate. With the help of a meditation cushion, upright postures can be maintained without getting stressed.

Reduces Pain in the Body – While practicing yoga, one can feel painful sensations in different parts of the body, particularly hands, ankles, knees, shoulders, waist, and hips. This happens due to excess pressure on these body parts. Due to excess pressure, there is a reduction of the flow of blood to the tissues, and there can be even blood clots which in turn cause excessive and sometimes unbearable pain. Using a meditation cushion prevents such pain and gives a relaxing experience of yoga.

Meditation Cushion Elevates Comfort Level – Yoga requires much more body stretching and mental peace to get the yoga postures correct than what is required in gymming. Therefore, being in a comfortable position is a must while performing yoga and the use of a meditation cushion helps in doing so. Since the floor is a hard surface, sitting on it for a long time might cause pain in the waist, ankles, knee joints and hips. Using a meditation cushion below the hips would make the process much more comfortable, and in this way, the practitioner can continue the practice for a longer duration.

Easy to Carry – Meditation cushions are small and can be folded further into a smaller size to fit inside the bags or suitcases. Even when you are travelling, you can carry the meditation cushion in your luggage bag because of its portability.

Select Meditation Cushion as Per Price

Low-Priced Meditation Pillows – These types do not range much and are apt for low budget buyers.

Mid-Priced Meditation Pillows – If you are okay spending money on fancy textures and good quality meditation cushions, you can buy them by adding some more amount.

High-Priced Meditation Pillows – These types of cushions may not be affordable for the person with an average budget. However, if you want to spend a considerable amount and want to get the best meditation cushion, you can buy them.

So, to make your yoga experience smooth and comfortable and attain the best benefits out of practice, go for a meditation cushion.