Comfortable Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy 3rd Trimester

During the stage of pregnancy a female body goes through many Changes like increased size of abdomen, back pain, heartburn, shortness of breath & Insomnia. In the initial days ever thing goes normal but with the growing abdomen nearly after 5th month it is difficult to achieve a Comfortable Sleep. Many women are habituated to sleep on their stomach. But in the mid age of pregnancy its not healthy to sleep on stomach. It can harmful to your baby as well as to the pregnant woman. In some cases, sleeping on your back can even create problems to your baby from getting oxygen and nutrients it needs. With the growing baby bump many pregnant women’s has a query “What are the Comfortable Sleeping positions during Pregnancy?”.

Sleeping positions during Pregnancy

So which position can give Comfortable sleep to a pregnant woman. The answer is SOS. SOS means Sleep on Side. Commonly there are two sides you can sleep during the latest stage of your pregnancy. But as per the advice of gynecologist it is more better to sleep using left side. It is healthy for you & your baby. Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood circulation & nutrients your baby required. In-case of using SOS position you are getting back pain try to place a pillow in between your legs above knees.

Including the above I have few more suggestion for your healthy sleep during pregnancy. These tips not only help you to sleep healthy but also helps in better growth of your baby.

Exercise Regularly

Do regular exercise during the stage of pregnancy. Take healthy Diet & drink sufficient water. Exercise helps to improve quality sleep.

Keep Antacids with You

In the latest stage of pregnancy don’t take Spicy foods at evening. It can generate heartburn problem at night. Which is a barrier to your Comfortable sleep. Keep antacids in your home. If in-case you found heartburn at night. Take antacid.

Make your Sleeping environment Silence

For a your good sleep environment effects. Noise is a barrier to Good Sleep. Keep Silence in bed room. Make sure that you are sleeping on a good mattress & prefer to use recron pillows. Make sure your bed is comfortable to healthy Sleep. Before going to bed use powder on your body. Use light room freshener in your bed time. Switch off TV & Computer set 1 hour before into sleep. Avoid bright lights before into bed, use low-wattage bulbs in bed-room. For Good Sleep keep your bed-room temperature around 18° C with adequate ventilation. A bedroom that is too hot or too cold can interfere your good sleep.

Don’t take Caffeinated Beverages

At-least a hour before to sleep don’t take caffeinated beverages. If you want to drink some thing hot. Drink a glass of milk.

Avoid Drug

Don’t take alcohol or any drug to sleep during your pregnancy.

Comfortable Nightwear

Wear comfortable nightwear. Purchase some maternity pajamas.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Find some good friends, sit with them. Stay Social. In free time read some good novel. It helps to reduce stress. Learning to deal with your stress will make it easier to get a Comfortable sleep.

Avoid Sleeping Pills

Don’t ever take sleeping tablets during the stage of pregnancy. If using the above methodologies you are not getting Comfortable sleep consult your family doctor.

If woman is a flower pregnancy is the stage of fertilization. Healthy Pregnancy is a Happy Pregnancy. Whether you care a woman or not never ignore to care her at the time she is pregnant. Love & Care brings better generation.

About Sleeping Positions be careful while Sleeping during Pregnancy.