Avoid Cesarean Delivery helpful Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

Women are usually afraid of Cesarean birth method. If you are one of them, there are some tips that you can use to avoid Cesarean. First thing that you should choose is the best available provider. The best provider will make your clinical judgment decision about your pregnancy, birth, and labor. You should be comfortable with them. Always choose the best provider that really understands your visions and hopes. They also need to demonstrate understanding and respects about your wishes and questions. A good provider will always give you good explanation about proper birth method. However, there are many Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery that you can use to Avoid Cesarean Delivery.

Regular Exercises during Pregnancy

Those who are inactive have the higher risk to deliver through C-section or Cesarean. In the other hand, women who are active during their 1st or 2nd trimester have lower risk of getting Cesarean. The most popular exercise for pregnant women is traditional abdominal exercises. This type of exercise helps women to harden their pelvic and abdominal wall. For examples are bicycles, leg raises, jackknives, knee tucks, sit ups, and crunches. The other options will be plyometric exercises. There are some examples that you can use such as sprinting, running, jogging and many others. Jumping ropes is also beneficial to perform this type of exercise.

Getting for Provider with Low Rates of C-Sections

Modern countries have rising rate of c-sections birth. One of the best methods reducing women’s chances to deliver Cesarean is by hiring providers who have lower rate of C-sections. In United States, there are many providers who tend to perform Cesarean instead of regular method. What can pregnant women do to find desired provider? It’s all about reputation. They can ask directly from hospitals or any health institutions related to this information. To simplify the effort, you can utilize internet to search for reliable references of providers.


Pregnant women must talk honestly to their maternity maid or provider about their desire in avoiding Cesarean birth. Any patients have the legal right to get any information related to medical treatment. Moreover, patients also have the similar right to refuse particular medical treatment. It’s important to talk to your maternity provider earlier about your need to avoid Cesarean. You need to be in the same page with your midwife or doctor to find safer methods than C-section. It can keep the Cesarean risk at low rate. Each provider has different policy towards its consumer. You need to find out the one that provides you better option of delivery.

Finding Skilled Labor

If you want to avoid c-section, you should arrange an appointment with skilled labors. They’ll provide you with support and help you through birth and labor. Because cesarean section is the part of interventions cascade, it’s quite important to minimize the risk during the birth. Studies have stated that women who ask for support from professional labor have the lower risk to get c-section. It’s important to spend much time and effort to review some options of skilled labor. Wrongly chosen provider would affect to the birth safety.

Avoid Labor Induction

Women should understand the importance of starting labor on its own. Medical inductions such as Pitocin and Cytotec will create intensive pattern of uterine contractions. It leads into uncontrollable mechanism of endogenous oxytocin. In the end, it leads into greater chance of cesarean. Also, women should spend home labor as long as possible. It’s important phase before relocation. The progress will be smoother in private and quiet environment. If women experience longer waits during the transfer, the risk of cascade interventions will be higher. As the result, it can lead to cesarean surgery. Also, don’t use any inductions like I have stated above.

Use Non-Pharmacological Pain Reliever

If women use epidural analgesia too early in labor, it may lead into increased risk of c-section. Women should be encouraged to use safer pain-reliever mechanism mostly. There are some methods that you can use such as changes of position frequently, rhythmic vocalization & movement during any contractions, doula massage, hydro therapy, visualization, meditation, sacral, counter pressure, and many more. Those methods can help you to relieve pain during the labor or also birth. In fact, there are many other different methods that you can use. Read more references from the internet to find the best products.

Avoiding too Much Fetal Monitoring

There’s a discussion about the usage of electronic fetal monitoring. For years, studies show that the usage of EFM doesn’t help women with birth outcomes. When this kind of method is used during the labor or birth, there are no bad results. However, there are increasing numbers of cesarean in women when EFM is utilized. Instead of using EFM, you should choose safer method such as by using hand-held Doppler device. Continuous EFM increases the risk of c-section in pregnant women. Well, for better information about the alternative, you can consult to the experts. They would help you with alternative options that you can use.

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