Horoscope Sign Aries Man Personality & Characteristics

Hey girl, if your crush is an Aries man, then this few information about Aries man characteristics may help you to understand his personality. Let us start with some facts about Aries Man Personality. Aries man is born on March 21st until April 20th. This Horoscope is symbolized by a ram and it’s horns. Astrologically, an Aries man is affected by Mars planet. Besides, Aries is also a name of Greek God of war.

Aries Man Personality

Second thing is the personality of Aries. Since Aries is affected by Mars planet, then some characteristics of Aries is represented by this planet. As a planet, Mars is hot and dry planet. It represents masculinity. Therefore, the man with this zodiac sign is masculine. It can signify soldiers, surgeons, barbers, and also butchers. Besides, if you see him in a second, you may think that he is a cool and assertive man. However, if you know him closely then you will find the fact that assertive is only at his surface. If you want to know him deeper, look at how he reacts towards the persons surround him.

An Aries man, if he is well treated, he will be a good person. He will show loyalty and courageous to protect somebody that he loves. Therefore, an Aries man really loves his family in all situations. He will always be there for his mom and family. He will do anything for his family and he will never leave them even in the worst situation. He will also be fearless of death and resolute to against something that he knows it is not right at all. On the other hand, if he is ill treated, an Aries man will not reluctant to start the quarrels. He will turn into someone who is dishonest and also prone to fights. According to this characteristic, an Aries man may also reflect the traits of Aries as a Greek God of war.


An Aries man, is a smart man with ambition. He knows what he wants and he knows how to reach his goal. He arranges his own plan in order to get closer to his goal. He does not easily give up if he faces obstacles on his way because he surely knows he must get what he wants. He is an ‘on time person’ so he will commit to his own schedule. Because of these characteristics, an Aries man can be a success man. Fortunately, he will not easily satisfy because he loves challenging thing. He will try something new that he thinks it is challenging or even risky. With these characteristics, an Aries man can be a good soldier and a good surgeon. Besides, whatever his profession, an Aries man surely knows how to do his best to reach his goals. He is a hard worker.


About finance, an Aries man is good in financial management. He can manage his money wisely. He will spend his money on his priority. He will also save his money because he already considers what he wants to be and what he needs in the future. However, he will not reluctant to spend a lot of money for something that he really loves. He will not reluctant to spend money to buy his favorite branded shoes. If he knows that his money is not already enough, he will patiently save his money day by day to get what he wants. Or, an Aries man will not reluctant to spend his money to someone he really loves such as his mom. He will buy something to his mom in any situation that he wants just to express his deep love to his mom. Once again, a mom is everything for an Aries man.

Love & Romance

About his love and romance, an Aries man is a loyal man if he sure that he finds the right woman. He wants to keep his relationship with the right woman for long term and also he is not reluctant to bring her woman into his private circumstance such as family and his best friends. He trusts his woman. However, if he knows that he is cheated behind, then he will not believe in her anymore. He may feel hurt but he will not show it. He does not want to be considered as a weak man who cries because of love. He will prefer to show that he is an assertive man and he is totally fine. However, deep inside he feels upset and empty. Sometimes, in this condition he needs an escape. He will do anything that makes him happy. He may try to find another woman. He thinks that another woman can make him happy but deep inside he realizes that he needs more time to heal his broken heart. That is why sometimes an Aries man often looks like a bad boy.

Lucky Numbers

As an Aries man who is affected by Mars planet, this man does not only has same characteristics as that planet. This zodiac also has certain good number and dates affected by this planet. Those good dates are 2, 5, and 11. This zodiac also has 34 and 47 as his good numbers.

So girls, those are facts and information on Aries man characteristics. Hopefully now you understand how an Aries man is. So, girls, if your crush is an Aries man then now you know how to get closer to him by knowing his characteristics and hopefully you will get his heart and he will no longer just a crush for you.