How to Stop losing Hair and Natural Cure for Baldness?

Baldness is the latest stage of hair loss. Generally in between the age of 30 to 40 baldness appears. Baldness occurs due to many factors like genetic problem, excess work load, heavy mental stress, use of strong chemicals or care-less hair care. It’s true in the early age of baldness we can protect us from balding. In the latest stage of balding it is rare curable naturally. So if you found hair loss or partial baldness start treatments immediately. I am software professional aged near to 32. 2 to 3 years back I found hair loss problem. To protect me from future baldness, I visited one of the famous hair care specialist. She suggested me some natural ways to bring back my hairs. I do follow her valuable suggestions & happy to tell you with in 3 to 4 months of time I gain my hairs again. In this session let me share some natural ways to Stop losing Hair and Cure Baldness.

Care your Hairs

Specially in case of male with busy life style many of us forget to take care of our hairs. Like a women give 30 to 40 minutes everyday to care your hairs. Always keep clean to your scalp area & root of hairs. While bathing avoid general soap use some quality shampoo. Chemically shampoo is more soft then soap. Shampoo is specially designed to care hairs. After shampoo wash you scalp area & root of hairs well. Then apply coconut oil in wet hairs. Massage it well & wash again.

Design your Hair Slow

Use soft combo to design your hairs. Avoid brushing wet hairs. Prevent you from the regular use of hair dryer. Heat damages proteins in our hair which causes hair loss.

Apply steam to your Scalp Area

Purchase a vaporizer. In a regular basis apply steam to your scalp area. Better if you do this activity 2 times a day. Due to low blood circulation scalp area start losing hairs. Using steam we can improve blood circulation in our scalp area. More blood circulation mean more healthy hairs. This method helps to gain new hairs.

Hot Oil Message

Do hot oil message in your scalp area. Message minimum for 15 to 20 minutes softly. In this point I would like to suggest you go to a salon, reduce your hair length less then the normal. While message focus to reach scalp & root of hairs.

Consume Vitamins & Proteins

Hairs are made up using proteins. To gain new hairs provide required number of vitamin & proteins to your body. Diet helps lot to prevent baldness. With your regular diet add dairy related foods, milk, cheese, lentils, seafood’s, white meat, eggs, beans. About vitamins take Omega – 3 Fatty Acids, Zinc & Iron Rich Foods, Vitamins A & C. In priority eat fruits & vegetables.

Stay Stress free Living

With our growing age stress is a major factor which creates hair loss. Practice to live stress free life. Join few social networks. Create good friends. Share time with them. Practice to laugh more. Watch entertainment channels. Keep your family happy. After duty major time we share with our family members. Happy family not only helps to reduce stress but also it helps in better living.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness helps in quality living. Practice to do yoga and meditations. During yoga our body gains more oxygen. Which helps to keep us fresh & healthy. Some times hair loss happens due to several diseases. Regular practice of yoga can prevent us from such diseases. Meditation is a process to balance our mental state. In case you found heavy stress start doing meditation. Using quality meditations we can relief us from heavy mental stress.

Using the above techniques I gain new hairs in my partially bald areas. I am sure these effective tips will help you to Stop losing Hair from future baldness. Don’t be impatience gaining hairs is not a one day job. Continuous treatments (3 to 6 months) can bring back your hairs again.