Top 6 Fitness Apps that will help you to Get in Shape

It is never too late if you want to get in shape. Do you want to follow and reach your fitness goals in the shortest time? If so, it will be brilliant to equip your smart phone with a few fitness apps that suits your needs, goals as well as experience levels. Smart phones which represent technology nowadays has been equipped with tons of excellent apps that can help you in every aspects of life. So why not let it help you to reach your fitness goals in the shortest time? Regardless of your ideal kind of exercise or experience level, these are 6 best fitness apps that will be extremely helpful for your “get–in–shape” journey.

Note: To attain the best results, you should follow the apps as well as your fitness plan consistently. And do not download all these apps as they might overwhelm you. Pick your favorite and follow it every day (for example, choose one app for nutrition and another for training will be a smart choice) for about 6 – 8 months before changing the fitness plan.

To improve your endurance – Couch to 5K.

This is a nine – week plan for those who have just taken up running. The plan will take place three times a week, each of them last about 30 – 40 minutes and the plan includes warming up, jogging, walking and cooling down as well. Its features include custom inspirational tips to keep you stay calm and inspired, easy to follow workouts logs to check your process, and a built – in music player to ensure that you will stay tuned during your workouts. Newbies who have just taken up the running race and do not have a gym membership should click in the App Store and download it.

To track the data associated to your running – RunKeeper

This app works as a tracking program that provides detailed statistics such as distance, pace, time and calories burned of your running in order to improve your performance gradually. Its features include a detailed fitness plan to support you to attain a number of goals (run a race, improve endurance, lose weight, etc); a built – in social sharing tool and a real time audio coaching to keep you stay tuned. This app is created for those who are interested in jogging, running, biking, walking, hiking and those who want to improve their performance statistic.


This is a bet – driven app that allows you to earn money if you commit to your schedule while others do not. However, in the reverse way, if you skip too many workouts, chances you have to pay up is high as well. Those who are usually motivated by winning a bet and you are a strong gambler, this might be specially designed for you.

Music to motivate – Fit Radio

This is a free app that provide music streaming service with high energy, non – stop and workout music to keep you stay tuned during your exercises. It is indicated that people who are motivated by training with music or who those who have listened to their workout playlist for hundreds of times and would like to have more fun during their daily routine.

An amazing app designed for nutritional goal –Fooducate

This is a database of all nutritional information for more than 200 thousands unique products. Simply scan the bar-code of any item in the grocery store to receive an instant access to the components, nutritional facts and healthier choices. Its features include progress, fitness and food tracking tools as well as grocery shopping list. Specially designed for those who want to make a better decision about what to buy and how to cook in the grocery stores.

To get in touch with your yoga plan – Pocket Yoga

Yoga has been used for such a long time thanks to its incredible health benefits. It can help you treat dizziness, headache and many other diseases. Therefore, this wonderful app will be extremely helpful when it comes to your daily Yoga practice.

This is a self – guided yoga process that you can customize to suit your workout schedule and experience level. This app includes a detailed voice as well as detailed visual instructions so you do not have to worry about the schedule or your wrong poses. There are up to 150 illustrated pose pictures with proper posture and positioning images inclusive as well as a workout log that is designed to check your process to keep you stay tuned through hard workouts.

This is specially designed for those who want to follow yoga however, are intimidated by a class setting. Plus, those who are keen on improving stability, balance and flexibility and those who want to a fast home workout that can significantly improve sleep and relieve stress will find it attractive and interesting too.