What are the early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Women and pregnancy become good topic to discuss. Pregnancy signs and symptoms differ between women; however, one of the most recognized symptoms of pregnancy is missed or delayed period. Understanding the Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy is quite important because each sign may indicate reasons other than pregnancy. Women experiences pregnancy symptoms within a week of formation. Yet, some other women report that they don’t experience any signs for some weeks. If you require free pregnancy test, you can take benefit from available pregnancy test. Women may deal with various symptoms and signs in early pregnancy, commonly from around 5 weeks.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy researches show babies are formed around 2 weeks before women’s next period. We can say that conception starts two weeks after women’s previous regular period. Alas, woman’s body doesn’t give any sign or ring any bells to let her know formation has started so it seems she won’t even feel or know the exact conception moment. Conception / formation usually occur when the sperm successfully fertilizes egg to reach woman’s uterus, and the woman is commonly unaware of any changes in her body. Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy is quite unclear during early time. It takes next 6 days for the newly formed baby to fully attach in the uterus lining.

Later, the fertilized egg will interact with her body. This kind of interaction develops in her body providing the zygote with nutrients from her blood stream. The zygote will also create hormones that move into her body supporting the pregnancy. Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy can be monitored during this moment. Once the baby completely attaches into her uterus, it releases HCG promptly into her blood stream. HCG is known as human gonadotropin hormone. Thus, we can find out any signs of pregnancy symptoms due to HCG’s effects towards woman’s body.


At the first time, the HCG level initiates very low, but the amount gradually increases in the next days producing woman’s physical pregnancy symptoms. HCG levels also give the basis for finding out a pregnancy with a pregnancy examination. This is why early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy doesn’t become recognizable until about the next period of woman. In most of cases, a woman won’t notice any symptoms until 1 or 2 weeks after her period was late. Technically, it’s when she is 5 weeks pregnant and her HCG level is high enough to influence her body. In twins, triplets, or even quadruplets pregnancy, woman may find out more intense symptoms due to her higher levels of HCG.

Hormone Changes in early Pregnancy

Progesterone is a feminine hormone and the major progestational hormone that is created mainly by the placenta in Ovary. Progesterone sets up the lining of the womb to sustain and receive zygote. In fact, it’s vital to provide a successful pregnancy. This hormone rises, but continues to increase further after missed period. This becomes the reason why pre-menstrual condition can be wrongly assumed with early symptoms of pregnancy. Mostly, woman doesn’t get pregnancy symptoms until her missed period and the increase of hormones levels that her body isn’t used to. Some women don’t get pregnancy symptoms earlier than 6 weeks of pregnancy. It’s due to extra sensitiveness of her body to the hormones.

Signs of Pregnancy don’t always Mean Pregnancy

Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy doesn’t give guarantee that a woman is actually pregnant. It’s important to take into notice that every woman and each pregnancy is unique, so woman shouldn’t be panic if she doesn’t have all of these signs such as:

  • Lighter bleeding / no period.
  • Changes of blood flow, temperature & cardiovascular.
  • Changes in nipple and breast size.
  • Frequent Urinary.
  • Cramps, bloating, and backache.
  • Fainting, dizziness and increased saliva.
  • Exhaustion, morning sickness and headaches.
  • Wind, constipation, and increased libido in early pregnancy.

Only a formal pregnancy examination around 5 weeks of growth can confirm a pregnancy. Most of early signs of pregnancy are similar to conditions before woman’s period such as fatigue, bloating, and breast tenderness, so it will be difficult to tell whether it’s a pregnancy or regular menstrual period coming her way. The earliest signs of pregnancy will occur in the conception within a week. If the result is positive, you must call your health care soon to make an appointment for prenatal care.

Can a woman be pregnant? The verification is in the formal pregnancy examination and test. For some women, early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy should be their important clue to find out the truth. Are you really pregnant? Unluckily, any of the symptoms and signs above isn’t accurate. Some signs will indicate that you’re getting next period or that you’re getting sick. Also, you can be pregnant without dealing with those symptoms. If you notice any symptoms above or miss a period, you should conduct home pregnancy examination.