Yoga Forms that every Yoga beginner Should know

So, you made up your mind to enroll in a yoga class. However, one Google search later your head is spinning from all the information available on this ancient art. Yes. With time, yoga has evolved into a number of different forms each of which has its own set of benefits and techniques of practice. Now, the confusion is about choosing between Ashtanga and Vinyasa, Hot and Hatha yoga. As a beginner, this can overwhelm even those with a firm resolve to join yoga. No need to worry. Yoga experts have come up a list consisting of the best yoga forms which you can try as a beginner.

7 Yoga Styles you Should know as a Beginner

Keep in mind that yoga is not a “one size fits all” type of exercise. Different yoga styles are suited to the needs of different people with different needs.

That said, given below are the seven best yoga styles for yoga beginners.

1. Hatha Yoga

The classic form of yoga which involves slow moving classes and requires you to hold each pose for a few deep breaths. Hatha yoga offers some of the best beginner yoga stretches which are a gentle form of yoga. It is one of the best yoga styles you can learn and practice as a beginner.

2. Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic yoga style which combines body movement and deep breathing in a dance-like manner. In the majority of Vinyasa classes, you do not need to hold onto a yoga pose for longer period and the pace varies according to what the teacher has in mind.

However, this is an excellent yoga style to raise your heart rate and maintain excellent cardiovascular health. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys HIIT or intense exercise sessions, this is the yoga style for you.

3. Chair Yoga

As the name suggests, you practice this style of yoga by sitting in a chair or with its help. It is the best yoga style for elderly and those with mobility issues. Chair Yoga is also a great option to choose if you want to practice yoga without risk of injury. There are many chair yoga for beginners asanas which can help you stay physically and mentally fit and healthy.

4. Ashtanga Yoga

If you want to enroll in a challenging yoga style for practice, choose Ashtanga yoga. This yoga style comprises of six series of yoga poses sequenced in a particular manner. The practice requires you to transition from one pose to the next to generate internal heat.

One major difference in this yoga style is you practice the same yoga poses in the same sequence in every class. Choose Ashtanga yoga if you want a yoga style which offers a healthy challenge to your body and mind.

5. Hot Yoga

As the name suggests, you practice Hot yoga in a room with high temperatures. This style of yoga is similar to Bikram yoga which is also practiced in a heated room. One thing you should keep in mind with this yoga style is the heat might help you move deeper but do not push the body beyond its capacity. Hot Yoga has some beginner yoga stretches to help you kickstart and stick to the yoga practice.

6. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a challenging practice and very different from a typical yoga session. Here you learn to perform Kriyas with deep breathing. This helps you unlock the dormant Kundalini energy located at the base of your spine. In the long run, this helps you gain a deeper level of self-awareness.

7. Yin Yoga

Do you want to keep your mind and body in a calm state? Yin yoga is the complete opposite of faster moving yoga style, Ashtanga. This yoga style works on your deeper connective tissues and fascia to restores their length and elasticity.

Yin yoga requires the use of yoga props to help your body release all tension during the posture instead of flexing and engaging the muscles. It is a restorative yoga style which feels like meditation and offers your mind and body complete relaxation. It has some of the best beginner yoga stretches to help you feel calm and relaxed.

These are the 7 yoga styles which you can choose from to practice as a beginner.


Want to kickstart the yoga journey but confused about what style to choose? The guide above has seven of the best yoga styles for complete beginners. Each of these contain the best beginner yoga stretches to help you get into the habit of daily yoga practice.