How Google Analytics reports help in Business Growth?

How Google Analytics reports help in Business Growth?

Intelligent Business magnates hates data loss. In this millennium data brings live to the Business. Rather than moving over 100 pages of documentaries it’s more business friendly to review data visuals. Data analysis saves time & helps to bring correct decision making. In the world e-commerce to have a data analysis first you required to gather data. For this reason there are several on-line tracking systems persists in Internet. Among them Google Analytics is the most demanded one. It is rich with many core functionalities and filters. In this session let us discuss how Google Analytics reports help to grow your Business.

Real-time Google Analytics reports

Every Business owner wants to stay update about the Customers movement in real-time. The cause some years back Google Analytics introduced the tab “Real-time”. Functionally it shows the current movement of visitors. I mean the time a user interact to your system real-time overview shows the URL and the number of Customers viewing that page. This is a great input for data analyzers. Using this facility you can easily track how many duration user spends on your page. Practically this helps to reduce bounce rate. If you are a product owner you must aware of “bounce rate hits Business sale”. More time the user is on your page there is much possibility that he/she will go for a Sale. Using real-time overview easily you can track from which country the visitor is visiting your page. This gives idea about the global popularity.

How Audience Overview helps?

Audience overview tab shows the total number of sessions generated by global visitors. This dashboard includes number of users and total number of pageviews. Using page per session you know track how many pages user visited under each instance. From bounce rate you can easily analyze your quality. Low bounce rate means your quality is accepted by the global users while large percentage speaks to improve quality.

Including dashboard under Audience overview tab there are many features. Such as Geo, Technology, Mobile etc. Geo tab shows about languages & locations. Using Geo analysis you can track which language peoples are watching your page. Here from you can decided whether you need to go for multilingual implementation or not. Similar to language tab Location tab shows from which Globe location audiences are watching your pages. This analysis helps to produce country specific contents. I mean if you are publishing a content related to local news of United States than here your target audiences are US citizens.

Rest 2 more important tabs are Technology & Mobile. Using Technology tab you can know Browser & OS details. There are several browser available in the market. Using browser tab analysis you can know what are the browsers global users using to view your page. This analysis helps to improve browser compatibility. Similar to browser tab mobile tab shows device category. As you know today after desktop there are several mobile devices using which users are accessing web. Mobile tab report helps to know what are the devices users are using to access your links. This analysis helps to fix device compatibility.
How Acquisition Overview helps?

Acquisition overview majorly designed to display source of traffic. There are various of sources using which we can fetch traffic for our web links. Some of them are Organic Search, Social media’s, Direct hits, Referral traffic & Paid Search. Using Acquisition overview you can easily know the percentage of traffic coming from which source. As you know compare to other source of traffic Organic traffic brings leads to the Business. Organic traffic generates more sale. Using Acquisition analysis if you notice your Organic traffic is less in percentage then it is must that your page is lacking on-page optimization. Similarly if Social media show less percentage you required to improve Social media marketing. Direct hits say your popularity. Depending upon your popularity direct traffic varies. Referral traffic say how many sites are referring your domain. Less referral traffic indicates to improve link building.

The major tab under Acquisition is Search Console. In side this 2 tabs are much useful for every webmaster. These tabs are Landing page & Queries. Landing page tab shows which link gets how many page view under Google search. Using this analysis you can know what are the optimized pages and which pages required better optimization.

Queries tab gives idea about what are the search string user uses to locate your links. For better optimization this analysis helps to improve keyword density.

How Behavior Overview helps in better Optimization?

Behavior overview dashboard shows total number of pageviews, unique pageviews, average time on page & adsense earning details. Under this tab you can know whether is page loading speed is optimized or not. Keep remember page loading speed matters in ranking. Lightweight pages rank better than heavy pages.

Using the above data analysis tricks you can know where your business stands. Rather moving blindly, using the analysis reports you can save time to achieve better business growth.