A Comprehensive review of the Star Health Insurance Policy

Star health insurance plans have received significant customer response and recognition in the past few years. The service provider of these plans is Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited, a joint venture of five reputed companies. It is India’s first and only standalone health insurance company that offers a wide range of health insurance plans to the customers. The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (a governing body in India) approved this company’s establishment in 2006. From general star health insurance plans and personal accident coverages to overseas Mediclaim policies, the company has everything in the store. In 14 years of its service, it has received critical acclaim, several accolades and awards for its hassle-free claim process, affordable plans and dedicated customer service team.

For those considering star health insurance plans, there is a lot to know about their efficiency and benefits. The attractive and easy-to-opt plan structure of these health insurance policies makes them worth a try! All one has to do is analyze all the options, see what suits his needs the best, and buy the plan to reap the benefits in the long run. Online insurance brokers can make this task easier and hassle-free. So, taking the help of one of the preferred brokers for comparing all the plans will be a time-saving option.

Health insurance plans make expensive treatments affordable for mediocre families.

Specifications of Star Health Insurance Plans

The tailored and progressive insurance plans are available at reasonable prices covering all the needs of the customers. There are as many as 15 effective plans for individuals, families, children, youngsters, and senior citizens. The key features and specifications of these policies are the reason for their popular demand and mass acceptance.

  • The Star health insurance plans cover one of the widest service networks with 9900+ hospitals.
  • 90% of the claim applications are settled within two hours of application.
  • The waiting period for pre-existing diseases is 4 years.
  • The ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio) is 63% which is one of the highest in recent times.
  • The company has settled 4.9 million claims since 2006.
  • These plans come with a no-claim bonus feature that ranges from 5% to 100%.
  • Customers enjoy 30 days of a grace period in case of failure in monthly premium payment.
  • All the plans come with lifetime renewability.

All the aforementioned facts and specifications have created a strong foundation for the company in the Indian market. With just 400 branches across the country, star health insurance plans offer swift and top class service to the insured individuals.

Coverages under Star Health insurance Plans

Star health insurance plans offer almost all types of medical coverages that can save the insured from facing a financial crisis during the time of emergency. The systematic and well-balanced distribution of these coverages in fifteen different plans makes it convenient for the customers to choose the best plan.

Co-payment Option – Although the customers have no limitation of making any co-payment for the insurance claims. However, in some cases, 20% of the claim amount has to be paid by the insured individuals aged between 61 and 65 years.

Pre-Hospitalisation Costs – The plans offer expense coverage for up to 30 days before planned hospitalisation.

Post-Hospitalisation Costs – Customers can avail post-hospitalisation expenses covered by the insurer for up to 60 days from the day of discharge.

Pre-existing diseases – Some of the plans offer coverage for pre-existing diseases, but one can claim it only after the completion of the waiting period (4 years).

Add-on covers include policy coverage such as domiciliary treatment, daycare procedures, ambulance charges, organ transplant, personal accident cover against death, non-allopathic treatment coverages etc. One has to evaluate the details of all the plans to know all the offers and benefits.

Exclusions to the Policies

The Star health insurance plans do not provide expense coverages for the following:

  • Any injury occurred in any war or bombings.
  • Medicine expenses of non-allopathic treatments.
  • Any naturopathy treatment.
  • Expenses related to the maternity period and childbirth.
  • Cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries or any sex-change operations.
  • Specific diseases like Piles, Hernia, Sinusitis, etc, are not covered.

The Bottom Line

Star health insurance plans are better known for their hassle-free and in-house claim settlements. The CSR (Claim Settlement Ratio) of the company is on par with other big names in the market. The company has built strong goodwill in the market based on its high-class services and 24×7 customer support. It has a lot of prestigious awards and accolades in its name. The only thing one must be careful about is making the right choice of plans as the availability of too many options can be confusing at times.

The overall customer review of Star health insurance policies is on the positive side. One does not have to stress about getting the claims on time and availing policies at a reasonable rate. Online insurance brokers are available in case one needs any type of support or guidance in buying a health insurance plan.