Heart Attack Symptoms & Tips to Save you from Stroke

Heart attack is a Cardiovascular disease. It happens due to old age, lack of exercise, a poor diet plan & other bad habits. A healthy living can save you from Heart Attack. From a global survey more than a million Americans have heart attack per year. In side our heart few muscles are there those are helping to supply required amount of oxygen. Due to many factors if these muscles get lose to provide required oxygen this is called heart attack. Generally heart attack goes up to 3 strokes. In third stroke there is 90% chance of death. To prevent you from heart attack in this session we are sharing some of the key tips.

Heart Attack Symptoms

If you are feeling extreme chest pain, irregular heartbeats or shortness of breath I can suggest to visit a cardiologist immediately. These are the major Symptoms before heart attack.

Tips to prevent you from Stroke

Quit smoking or use of tobacco products

Chewing of tobacco & regular smoking can damage your never systems in heart. In long run this causes Cardiovascular diseases. Smoking of Cigarettes contains Carbon monoxide. Smoking replaces some of the oxygen in your blood. Due this your heart need to work harder to supply required amount of oxygen. So if you are a smoker or using tobacco products stop this habits to protect from heart related disease.

Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise helps our body to grab more Oxygen. Regular exercise can prevent us from high blood pressure, high cholesterol & diabetes problems. Do 30 to 40 minutes exercise everyday. Physical exercise not only help you to protect from heart related problems but also it can help you to stay healthy.

Eat Healthy

I believe diet control can clear 90% normal diseases. Plan your diet properly. To keep your heart healthy add the following foods with your regular diets. Red meat, fish, diary products, coconut & Pam oil, bakery products & packaged snacks foods. Give priority to eat more fruits & vegetables. At your kitchen use cholesterol free oil. Limit your calories.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the major cause in Heart Attack. Reduce Stress. Do some meditations. Be social. Laugh more when opportunity comes. Live a normal Stress free life.

Maintain a healthy blood pressure

High blood pressure is like silent killer. It damages inner lining of your blood vessels. Heredity and increasing age raise the risks. Keep checking your BP level. In case you found to take treatment do it in high priority.