Understanding SERP API Advantages rather using SERP Manually

A SERP API is an API that scrapes Google, Bing, and other search engines and handles the complexity of proxies and parsing HTML for you. The algorithm of Google and other search engines keep changing. No search engine is the same as before. Only with updated data scrapping you can get the desired output. To keep up with the trend, you must update yourself with the scrapping methods.

Let us start with the basics of scraping.

What is SERP?

SERP means a search engine results page. When you search for something on Google, the results are displayed on a page; this page is called SERP. These search engines keep changing. With the advancement of technologies, no search page is the same as before.

When you search for something particular, you will get a list of results relevant to your search. These web pages are designed for human use, but not everything on the website might be pertinent to your search. Through web scrapping, you can extract only the data you want from the website.

Search engines have changed a lot over time. The display of results is getting more and more convenient for human-end users. In the beginning, search engines displayed only the most relevant content first. With time, the content which provides much information is listed first.

There are a lot of Perks in using web scrapping. You need not visit every site to confirm what they have displayed is relevant to your search. You will see photos or related information at the top of the search page.

Can you Check SERP Manually?

Manual checking of SERP is also possible. With the evolution of these search engines and algorithms, you don’t have to manually labor into this task.

If you want to check SERP manually, then remember it might not always give you accurate results. This is because your Google search history, device, and location might affect those results. However, it is not impossible.

Follow the given steps to manually check SERP,

  • Logout from your Google account. Suppose you have multiple accounts, logout from all of them.
  • Clear your search history.
  • Clear the cached data and cookies you have saved.
  • Do not give your current location.
  • Change your location according to the product you are looking for or the keyword you are searching for.
  • When you complete a search, close that tab and open a new tab.

This will prevent your past searches and locations from influencing your search. The artificial intelligence in Google has been modified, and it gives you results based on your preferences. You can avoid this by following the above-given steps.

Even if you follow these steps, there is no guarantee that you will get 100% accurate results. The search engine results might lack 1-5% of accuracy. Instead of laboring so hard, you can use SERP API. You can try Whatsmyserp – SERP API for the best results.

Why do you need SERP API?

There are a lot of benefits to using SERP-API. If you use SERP-API,

  • It saves your time
  • Provides 100% accurate results
  • It is easy to use

1. It Saves your Time

If you opt for manual SERP, then it will swallow half of your day. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Using SERP-API allows you to focus more on your business. It can save you a lot of time.

2. Provides 100% accurate Results

The percentage of accuracy in the manual of SERP might not be accurately hundred. It might differ. If you want accurate results through manual SERP, you might have to adjust a lot of factors. This will be time-consuming.

When it comes to SERP API, you don’t have to worry about accuracy. You can receive what you want every time you use it. There is no compromise in it.

3. It is easy to Use

You don’t have to be a professional coder to get SERP API. A piece of basic knowledge about SERP will be enough. Most of the technical stuff will be handled by the API provider. Make sure you buy a reliable and easy to use API. Some SERP APIs have complicated procedures. Confirm with your provider before you buy one.

On an overall view, it is relatively easy to use SERP API then manually checking SERP.

Is it Data Scraping Legal?

Scraping is not illegal. If you scrape data from Google, it is not a crime. Google also will not take any legal actions against you. Since scraping data is for your personal use, it is not an offense.

If you scrape data manually or through any approved service provider (API), it will be considered legal. If Google detects scraping of data from an automated bot, it is more likely to block your actions.

In some search engines, the privacy policies and algorithms differ from the normal, so it is likely to check with your service provider whether your browser is compatible with SERP API’s or not.


If your company’s goal is customer satisfaction, it would require you to collect a lot of information. You can use SERP API for that purpose. With the changing algorithms and trends every day, data has become an essential commodity.

Make sure the information you get is from a legal source. Also, trade it legally for only ethical purposes. Once you start satisfying your customers, you will be the best in no time.