What are the Side effects of taking Illegal Steroid Drugs?

We always hear this from every exercise infomercial we see on television. Before starting any diet or exercise regimen, you should consult with a doctor. The same is especially true when taking steroids. The government has banned manufacturing, sale, and possession of illegal steroid drugs. It is so important to make sure the stuff you get your hands on is safe and effective. Otherwise, the cost could be dangerous or even fatal.

There are many men still feel the need to take steroids. According to an article in Men’s Health, about 90% of the men who use them are not necessarily bulking up. It allows them to get in the shape they want faster than regular exercise and diet. In fact, there are some men who do not even look like they are using steroids. They may not increase their muscle size. It gives them more energy when working out and allows them to recover faster than usual. There is another useful side effect. Some men reported higher sex drive while taking steroids. This is why some cannot get enough of it.

The Cost of Buying Fakes

Take, for example, the case of 17-year-old Matthew Dear from the United Kingdom. His dream was to become a Royal Marine in his country. He wanted to build muscle and increase his strength to prepare for the initial test. He started taking Steroid Drugs. Unfortunately, these types of steroids he got were completely fake; you can see https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/teenager-used-steroids-to-bulk-up-939952 for reference. He was in the hospital after having severe stomach cramps. Later, the doctors found out that the steroids he took caused brain swelling. He died before he could even take the initial test to get his dream job. The police found out he bought these from two men, who obtained them illegally.

Knowledge is key

This was a very unfortunate story. His intentions were good. He just did not have the right amount of knowledge about what he was getting himself into. This is what is dangerous among young people who take Steroid Drugs.

First of all, people have to look at steroids as more of a jump starter rather than a long term solution. You may want to use it to get to your goals more quickly but it may have devastating effects if you are not careful.

Long term use of steroids may affect your mood and behavior. Worse, they can be damaging to your organs such as your liver, heart, and kidneys. You can research about it first by visiting websites like these. They have a ton of articles on every kind of steroids.

How to know if your Steroids are Fake?

One of the most important information you need to know is how to spot a fake. There are two types of fake steroids: the first one is a copycat. They are easy to spot because of some discrepancies on the labels. The logo design might be a bit off. There might be some misspelled words on the box. The dosage listed on the packaging is usually out of whack or completely inaccurate. However, the contents of the steroids may be genuine. As long as it works, there probably is not a problem.

The second type of fake is the most dangerous and costly one. That is because they are 100%, not steroids. When you buy something in the black market, you are at risk of buying the wrong stuff. The contents of the vials may have been replaced by a completely different liquid. Even worse, they may contain something that is completely dangerous to take. This is a scam known not just in steroids but for all pharmaceutical products.

Invest in a Steroid Test Kits

There are steroid home test kits that are now available in the market. These test kits are the same type used by law enforcement officers. Universities use them to test if athletes are doping. You can take a small sample of the liquid or powder from an oral steroid and put it into the kit. It changes color to show you if it is fake or real. The results can are available within a few minutes. These kits can cost as low as $20.


It is important to remember the risks involved when you decide to take steroids. There are already serious health risks involved if you do not know how to manage the use of it. While some people still think the advantages outweigh these risks, do your research. Do not mix steroids with other medications. Try to practice cycling on and off it. Never exceed the recommended dose to cheat and achieve even faster results. Always listen to what your body is telling you. If it is making you sick, you may want to stop using it for a while.