Before you read this Story, let you know I am from the heart of Odisha. I can’t forget the date October 29th, 1999. At that time I am residing at Bhubaneswar with my family. In my family including me we are four members. My two babies are Rohit & Sunayana. Rohit is my elder son & Sunayana is my Cutie Doll. About her she is my temple of beauty.

Everyday in early morning she has a habit to provide foods for running Crows group. This is a regular activity she do perform before some long day back. By profession I am a software professional. Generally in Saturday & Sunday I joined her to meet those hungry Crows. We both prefer to drink our morning Coffee after this event only.

You will wonder to know among those Crows Group she name one Crow “KAKA”. My pleasure to saw when she called KAKA that crow from the group flying near her. Even this KAKA is well known to my two babies.

My office time is 10 to 7 & Rohit School time is 9:30 to 12:30. On the way to my office I drop Rohit in his School. In afternoon her mom bring back him from School. Before leave home for office & school she prepared food & tiffin for us. This is all about our daily life.

In front of my residency there is a mango tree. One day when I am parking my car I got to see there is a nest with 2 crows. I called her and tell her to watch. After a few second I request her call the crow with that name “KAKA”. She did this. O you get to wonder that crow with one more crow came near us. In the evening when we had dinner we discussed this on Dining table. My babies get happy to hear the crows family.

Near a month gone now that crow family is like our neighbor. Every day we have more than a hour with them. They are a common discussion to us. I mean to say that crow family is now became a relative to my family.

October 29, 1999 just like everyday morning she is with bed tea. I asked her would you meet the crows. She smiled a little. I wake up after tea & prepared my-self for office. Near at 9:20 me & my son left the home. I dropped my son in his school & reached at office. Get to hear all are talking about a Tsunami which will hit soon. I called her and informed that. Tell her to watch news. Nearly at 4:30 I left office towards home. I reach safe & told her to close all the windows & doors well. Who know how is this Tsunami.

Evening 7:30 it get started. The initial wind flow is near to 120 km per hour. With-in 10 minutes the beautiful Bhubaneswar get damaged strongly. Oh god. Some 20 to 30 minutes later it get stopped. In between we are thinking about the crow family. Slowly I opened the door. With her I came out from home. Slow rain & Chilled wind flow. Wop. The mango tree is in ground. She run near the nest. Among the two crows the female crow is dead. About the male crow he is more then 60% injured. We bring that male crow to our home. In between once again the natural calamity get started. We do some primary treatment to the injured crow and left him in room temperature.

This Tandav happened up-to 3 day 3 night. Many property get destroyed. Many one get killed. 4th day morning when nature get cool I advise her to release the crow. We do that and that crow get fly.

Just after 15 days I am in office suddenly my some make me a call & by crying he told papa mom is in danger situation. Please come back from office. Immediately I hear this I left office towards home. Nearly after 30 minutes she get die. Two times before she already faced strokes as she is a heart-attack patient. Look like its easy to write but the momentum’s I covered there it is UN-speech able. Days gone many one suggested me for second marriage for those two babies. But every time I look forward I thought that crow family. I saw that crow many time near my residency but alone.

If a crow can, then I think I can. Today my son & daughter is working with well reputed MNC’s. I am here with my old chair. The time I am looking forward from my balcony with the memories of crow family. I just can say KAKAGURU MORA NAMASKAR.

By: G.S. Panigrahi