When Choosing your next Fastpitch Softball Bat Mistakes to Avoid

Buying the right softball bat can seem easy but not always. Most people think that to buy the best bat, you just go and ask the seller and then order online. However, this isn’t the case.

The misconception that buying a perfect bat is easy is what makes most players to make some mistakes. It will eventually affect the player’s performance. Knowing of the mistakes that most people make will equip you with the right information to buy the bat that you need.

The bat is very crucial to play a softball game. Therefore, getting the best one should be made a priority if you want to enjoy the game. Every player intends to buy the perfect fastpitch softball bat, but these mistakes usually make them end up with low-quality bats. Here are the mistakes to avoid when looking for a bat.

Using your favorite color to choose

Most people would buy an item that has their favorite color, and this also happens when purchasing softball bats. Everyone has their favorite color, but don’t let that make hasty decisions and end up with a low-quality bat just because of the color. When you love the color, you need to test it to be sure that it has all the qualities of a good bat.

Manufacturers are aware that most people will be influenced by color when buying products and they will always paint it to look attractive even when the product has inferior quality. And since most people would love to look stylish, they will be tempted to purchase it even without thinking about other factors. This is a mistake that any player should never make.

Considering teammate’s swing

Some people will pick a bat just because friends or teammates use it and show excellent performance. The fact that a friend or a teammate is doing well with a given but doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you. There are other factors to consider.

Instead of buying a bat that other people prefer, you should test different brands and pick the one that will make you play well. You need to know that when playing softball, a person is alone with their bat. Therefore, if the bat doesn’t swing the way it should, it will affect your performance.

Picking the wrong weight and length

No particular length can be considered perfect, but the length of the bat depends on the player. The right length can be found by trying different lengths and finding the one that feels comfortable in the hands.

You should not buy a bat that is too short or too long. The right length will also depend on your height. You need to consider the weight of the bat. Ensure that it is not too large or excessively light.

Most people ignore weight as they think that all bats weigh the same. This misconception makes people buy bat without thinking about weight. The whole point is to get a light bat so that you can act quickly when a pitcher throws anything through your way.

Purchasing with insufficient information

There are a lot of information on fastpitch softball bats, and it will be a great mistake to buy a bat without having enough information. There are a lot of expert and customer reviews available that can offer enough information. You can also ask friends and teammates about their experience with their bats.

Usually, players get too excited to have a new bat that they assume that any bat is good for them. Sometimes they just want a bat to play a game. However, but a bat without enough information can be the biggest mistake which can ruin your performance.

Purchasing from unknown brands

Some brands are well known than others because they make quality products. You should consider reputable brands if you want a long lasting bat and the one with good performance.

Some people might be tempted to go for unknown brands because they might be cheap. It’s a bad idea, and most people regret. Unless you have enough information on the brand, don’t risk your performance by buying an unknown product. Perhaps you should pick local brands since their information can be easily found.


Having the perfect bat will determine your performance in the box. When you have a high-quality bat, you can compete with any pitcher irrespective of how good he or she is. Avoid the above mistakes will equip you with the right information to pick the best bat that will enhance your performance.