Inspirational Moral Short Stories for Kids below 8 Years

In the age below 8 years nearly every Kids loves to hear short Stories. Short Stories for Kids helps to improve Concentration. As a responsible parent never break your Kids interest towards Stories. Always present them inspirational moral Stories. During Childhood moral Short Stories for Kids helps to Teach your Kid easier. In this session we are presenting few interesting Short Stories for Kids. Read and Share them with your Kids.

The Jackal and the Tiger

A jackal and its family, once, occupied the den of a tiger. The tiger returned after his hunt. But, it noticed that some animals were inside its den. The wife jackal noticed the tiger and started asking out in a loud voice, “How many times have I asked you to bring some tiger meat for our hungry cubs?” the tiger mistook that there were some big creatures inside and ran away.

A fox saw the tiger running away and asked, “What happened?” the tiger told what he heard. The fox stealthily peeped into the den and then said, “No tiger, they are only a pack of jackals”.

Believing the words of the fox, the tiger and the fox returned back to the den. The wise wife-jackal again started, “Oh! Good heavens! You have brought a fox along with the tiger I asked for. “In its fear, the tiger kicked the fox and ran away. A monkey saw the tiger running and asked for its story. The repeated its story. The monkey also peeped and found the pack of jackal. It gave courage to the tiger and took it back to the den.

The wife-jackal shouted in a very big voice, “Why have you still not brought the tiger. My cubs are very hungry. They are going to eat anything they are going to see now. “The poor ran away permanently from the forest.

This is a well popular Short Stories for Kids.

Moral of the Story: Cleaver one can outwit less intelligent.

Wise Friendship

A hunter had spread his net in the forest to catch some wild animal. A cat get trapped in the net. The poor cat was not able to free itself. It so happened that the net was laid near a rat hole. The rat that was in the hole started to have fun with the cat. But, it saw a mongoose coming that way.

To save itself, the rat started playing very close to the cat. The mongoose was afraid to come that close to catch the rat. Another shock was there for the rat. An owl was perched on a near by tree. It was also ready to catch the rat. In the meantime, the rat saw the hunter coming. It cooked a plan. “Hey cat, I shall help you. Promise me that you will chase away the mongoose and the owl. The cat accepted.

The rat gnawed at the net and freed the cat. The cat chased away the mongoose and the owl. The rat went inside the hole. The cat came near the hole and said, “Come out dear rat, your enemies are gone. “The rat replied from inside, “I helped you only because I was also in danger. But, if I come out now you will be very happy to eat me. So, please leave the place.

Moral of the Story: Presence of mind saves a lot.

The elephant and the jackal

Once there was a big wild elephant. It attacked all the other animals and harmed them. The most affected were a pack of jackals. The jackals sat around and thought of a way to overcome the elephant. The sent a representative jackal to the elephant. The representative said, “Oh mighty elephant! we are very proud of you. We would be happy to crown you the king of the jungle.”

The proud elephant believed in the false word of the jackal and followed it. The jackal cunningly led the elephant to a place filled with quicksand in the forest. The elephant got caught in the quicksand. The jackal joined together and attacked the wild elephant and killed it.

Moral of the Story: Don’t give into false praise.

The Farmer and the Crane

It was a crop season and a farmer had cultivated his farm. He came to sow seeds. No sooner had the farmer sowed his seeds, birds flocked onto his field and pecked at them. The crops were thus destroyed. The farmer had a really hard time managing with this problem. He had lost almost all his seeds with the birds.

Finally the farmer spread some net all over his field in protection of his crops. The birds came flying as usual, but they all go caught in the net. A poor crane also got caught in the company of the birds. Although the crane pleaded with the farmer that it had nothing to so with the crops, the farmer replied, “You were found in the company of bad birds and you shall also be punished”.

Moral of the Story: Evil friendship leads to trouble.

The Lion and the Bear

Once, a lion was chasing a poor deer. The poor deer ran for its life. In the mean time a bear also started chasing the same deer. The deer could run no longer. The lion attacked it. So did the bear. Finally the deer died.

Now, there was a quarrel between the lion and the bear. The lion growled, “Leave it. The deer in mine.” The bear was in no mood to leave. It fought back, “No, the deer in mine”. The quarrel turned into a fight. The lion and the bear fought to their full limit. Soon, both feel tried. A wolf was seeing this scene from a distance.

When the lion and the bear fell down in tiredness, the wolf came in stealthily and pulled the corpse of the dead deer to a safe distance. While the lion and the bear were lying unable to move, the wolf had a nice meal. It are the deer in peace. As is completed its meal it heard the lion growl, and started leaving the place. When the lion and the bear finally got their strength back, it was too late. There was only a small leftover of the deer lying there.

Moral of the Story: If you are might you are right.

The blue Jackal

Once, a jackal was playing near a wash-men area. There were plenty of clothes hanging around. There were also some tanks filled with colour dyes. The jackal fell into a tank of blue colour dye by mistake. The blue jackal felt very strange to even itself. “I don’t know what the other animals in the forest are going to do on seeing me.” thought the jackal.

However, when the blue jackal entered into the forest, there was a great amount of surprise. All the animals were animals afraid of the new animal. “I have been sent to rule over you,” proudly said the jackal.

In the meantime a pack of jackals were hooting in a distance. They were enjoying a nice hunt. This poor blue jackal could not resist its temptation to howl. He also started to howl out loudly. Now all the animals knew what this blue animal really was.

They all joined together and chased this jackal out of the forest. It was never seen again in the forest.

Moral of the Story: By trying to fool others you only fool yourself.

The Camel and the Jackal

A jackal lived in a forest. There was a lush sugar cane farm on the opposite side. The jackal could not swim across. So, it cooked a plan. It lured a camel to carry it across the river. “Look at those beautiful sugar canes my friend. We can have a really nice meal, if you could take me across the river,” the jackal said. The camel also accepted.

The jackal sat on the camel’s back. Both of them entered into the farm and had a nice time eating the sweet sugar canes. After their meals, the jackal started to howl loudly in happiness. But, the farmers who were working in a nearby field also heard this howl. They came running. The jackal hid itself. The poor camel took all the beating.

On their way back the camel asked, “Why did you howl so loud? That is why I had to take the beatings.” “What can I do? this is my habit. I howl loud after a nice meal” the jackal replied.

When they were half way though the river the camel started to roll over. The poor jackal fell into the water. “Why are you rolling in the water?” the jackal asked. “This is my habit, my dear friend,” replied the camel and walked away. The jackal had a tough time crossing the water.

Moral of the Story: Every action has an opposite reaction.

Revenge of the Elephant from Tailor master

A temple elephant used to go to the nearby river for its bath. On its way to the river it crossed a tailor shop. The tailor was in the habit of giving something delicious for the elephant to eat. Once, the tailor thought something very awful. He wanted to prick the elephant’s trunk with a sewing needle and witness its reaction.

Accordingly, when the elephant came that day, the tailor took a long needle pricked the elephant hard in its trunk. But, the elephant did not even twitch. When the elephant reached the river’s it had its usual bath. Then, it collected some muddy water in its trunk.

As the elephant crossed the tailor’s shop, it sprayed the muddy water on the tailor. All the new dresses the tailor had stitched became muddy, and he had a bad time with his customers.

Moral of the Story: As you reap as you Sow.

The above “Short Stories for Kids” you can share with your Children during bedtime. Keep remember at the end of each Story share them the moral of Story.