How to be a Good Husband? – What are the Qualities you needed?

The relationship between Couples are like two sides of a single coin. Both depends upon each other to have a successful journey. In a family while husband is responsible to earn money, wife takes care of family & family members. So in this journey to run well mutual understanding is mandatory. Every husband wants a good wife. Similarly every wife has some minimum expectations from her husband. As a good husband you are responsible to fulfill all those expectations of your wife. As you know once your wife left her father’s house you are the only authority to whom she can express all her feelings and expectations. If you are not fulfilling them than she has no more ways remain. Like every action has a reaction if you are doing good as a husband make sure your wife will do the same for you.

It was noticed in many cases couple quarrel begins from the side of husband. The reason he expects more from his wife. While she unable to fulfill all that expectations husband reacts. Keep remember in our hand all fingers are not same. Similarly after certain duration of marriage every man gets less attraction towards his wife. This is the nature. We love new things more than the older one. Looking into such issues here with we are presenting few qualities of a good husband. Hope these tips will help to make your journey better.

Keep faith on each Other

In this world every relationship stands on faith. Specially in case of husband and wife loss of faith generates gap. As a wise husband always faith your wife. In other words faith generate love and affection for each others. If accidentally anywhere you are losing faith on your wife discuss the matter openly with her. Before raise your finger against her understood the facts well.

Truly speaking in major case it was noticed husband lost faith on his wife due to illegal relationship. I mean boyfriend or any other character loss activity. If you notice your wife is having a boyfriend know the fact of their relationship. Keeping a boyfriend is not bad but keeping him hide from husband generate loss of faith. Give freedom to your wife so that she can share such relationships with you.

Celebrate quality times with each Other

Recent after marriage it was noticed many Couples stay with their family members including father, mother, brother or sisters. In this case a husband not gets opportunity to share quality time with his wife. In my words looking into the modernization it’s better if after marriage at least for initial days prefer to stay with your wife only. This activity develops better affection for each others. Once you both understood each others well you can back to your family.

To share quality time only in house parties are not enough. Monthly at least once or twice try to visit some restaurant or lodge. Celebrate the evening together with candle lights. During coffee time whether is home or restore try to sit together. Discuss some funny events.

Gift her on Occasions

Women’s are seek to gifts. Occasionally during her birthday or anniversary give her surprise gifts. Surprise gifts improve more affection towards husband. If you financially sound you are free to gift gold or diamonds to your wife. In case your financial status not permitting you for costly gifts you can go for Saree’s, Dresses, Perfumes or Makeup materials.

Give pocket money to your Wife

World is running under money. Whether you fulfill all the needs of your wife or not, if she is a housewife monthly from your salary give her pocket money. As a woman she must have needs. Using pocket money she can celebrate her choices. Personally I observed little amount of pocket money builds great love among couples.

Keep her Satisfied on Bed

In husband wife relationship sex has it’s own value. Unsatisfied wife acts like an atom bomb. Always keep your wife Satisfied on bed. In case you found yourself incapable for successful sex. Visit your family doctor or nearest STD Clinic. During on bed keep discussion and enjoy sex with mutual understanding.

Avoid to move like parallel lines

In a family many times accidentally quarrel appears between husband and wife. In such case keep control over excess angriness. At any case avoid to beat your wife. If the matter is so complex involve senior family members to resolve the issue. If it goes beyond family members then rather than beating your wife take the advantages of court of law.

Keep remember in case something goes wrong in between you and your wife avoid to move like a parallel line. If she is not agree to compromise, looking into the situation if required you can bend yourself. This attitude helps to keep your children unaffected from couple quarrels.